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Market Yourself!

The best way to market yourself is to start a business. Start with something you have experience with and ideally something that you are passionate about. Before I started Kow Abundant, I was passionate about helping and promoting local businesses within my community. I knew that local business is the lifeblood of the community and I loved the people I met along the way. A complete guide to marketing yourself can be found from our ebook, Think Like A Marketer! Available here for free sign up.

Starting a business is actually a lot of fun. I really enjoyed all the great business owner I met along the way and continue to meet every day. To get started, I recommend talking with SCORE or an SBA office near you.  There are also meetups that happen every week for entrepreneurs and business owners in your area. These are all great places to grow and expand your knowledge of starting a business with experience professionals and even free help!

Marketing yourself is a great way to build confidence and learn new skills. When you start a business you wear many different hats, from CEO to accountant to widget builder. As time goes on, you can hire people to help with your business and that is very rewarding as well. Everybody has skills that they are good at, what are yours? Write them down on paper and see what comes to mind! At the beginning of your journey, a notebook and paper are good friends. As a result, I found it very helpful to do lots of “memory dumps” on paper which I would look back upon later. Futhermore, check your local library as well for helpful books on starting a business.

Here are some of the best business books to read that helped me:

Best Business Books to Read

  1. Audible – Ok, not a book but this is essential, get your first book free and try it, well worth it!
  2. The Richest Man In Babylon – A fictional tale of two men, one that saves his money and one that squanders it.
  3. The Alchemist – One of the most beloved tales of the last 30 years. A tale of following your dreams, and believing in yourself
  4. The Magic Of Believing – Various tales wrapped together about manifesting your dreams into reality.
  5. Rich Dad Poor Dad – A narrative tale about a young boy’s life growing up and the lessons he learned from his friend’s father

There are so many great books out there but the key is to find something that speaks to you and start reading it. You can’t get hurt by reading unless you read The Martian which was just awful 😋. Market yourself by starting a business and you will learn so many things along the way. It doesn’t have to take all of your time but you will want to dedicate appropriate time to it. A lot of people start with a side-business to ease themselves into at first. Many people I have known do businesses on the side the end up being full-time. Some of these businesses include:

Best Businesses to Start on the Side

  1. accounting or bookkeeping,
  2. building websites,
  3. life coach,
  4. dating coach,
  5. public speaking or teaching or tutoring,
  6. music lessons,
  7. selling your creativity,
  8. freelance writing,
  9. dog walker,
  10. realtor (licenses needed),
  11. social media manager,
  12. graphic design,
  13. web development
  14. Amazon Reseller
  15. Portrait Photographer
  16. any many many more! Use your imagination!

Good Luck Starting a Business!

Following the advice above will get you started on to market yourself for business. Many people will begin to notice what you are doing and will take you as serious as you take yourself, so market yourself! To learn even more and get started on marketing yourself read our free ebook – Think Like A Marketer! Available here for free sign up.

If you have any questions and have a business, are interested in getting your website optimized, or running ads on Google, then please contact Kow Abundant at 614-230-2308 and we are happy to offer affordable packages for small business owners to market yourself.

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