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Want to advertise online? Too expensive? Not at Kow Abundant. We designed our fully managed service to help local businesses. We beat our competitors on price and value. Giving you the best service that is inexpensive with convenient monthly subscriptions. After you purchase your subscription we will meet with you to figure out an Adwords budget that fits your business needs and optimizes conversions. We use heartfelt advertising and care about your business, no gimmicks.

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A beautiful dairy cow is seen helping promote local businesses as Kow Abundant mascot
A beautiful dairy cow is seen helping promote local businesses as Kow Abundant mascot
Kow Abundant Office Location in Clintonville across from Park of Roses
Kow Abundant Office Location in Clintonville across from Park of Roses

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Market Yourself by starting a business. Visit for more

By Ted Bigham on April 17, 2018

Market Yourself!

The best way to market yourself is to start a business. Start with something you have experience with and ideally something that you are passionate about. Before I started Kow Abundant, I was passionate about helping and promoting local businesses within my community. I knew that local business is the lifeblood of the community and […]

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Which is better SEO or Adwords?

By Ted Bigham on January 26, 2018

Which is better SEO or Adwords?

I get this question a lot, “what is better SEO or AdWords?” I also hear, “should I focus on SEO or AdWords?” Both SEO and AdWords have their advantages and disadvantages. Both require investment and time but each has differences in the investment required. AdWords is Google’s advertising platform that uses Google search. SEO, in […]

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Why you need a business mission statement

By Ted Bigham on August 10, 2017

Why You Need A Business Mission Statement

A business mission statement is a bedrock of what you do and how you treat customers. It spreads throughout your company and becomes the ethos to everyone involved. Businesses often overlook the simplest elements that make the ending result a total joy for the customer. A mission statement sets your company’s goals and mindset down on […]

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How did you come up with the name?

Learn why we are called Kow Abundant

Learn the story of how Kow Abundant got its name, why we love local and how with the help of marketing legend Seth Godin we created an SEO company in Columbus Ohio