Top 10 SEO Tips For 2024, image of purple cow with youtube play icon surrounded by colorful blobs of tech items swirling around the a smiling cute little purple cow

Top 10 SEO Tips for 2024 – Unlocking the Potential of SEO for Small Businesses in Columbus, Ohio: A 2024 Guide

Unlocking the Potential of SEO for Small Businesses in Columbus, Ohio: A 2024 Guide   Welcome to the forefront of digital marketing strategies with Kow Abundant, your Columbus, Ohio-based SEO experts. This year, we’re diving deep into how small businesses can harness the power of SEO to not just join the conversation but lead it. […]

Kow Abundant wins best of Ohio award from UpCity. Image of medal that says 2023 best of awards

Kow Abundant Wins Best of Ohio Award for SEO

SEO Company Columbus Kow Abundant, a Columbus-based SEO company, has been named the Best of Ohio Award for SEO by UpCity. This award is given to the top service providers in each state, based on their UpCity Recommendability Rating and a variety of other factors. We are truly thankful for this honor and want to […]

Google ads is getting serious about verification.

Google Ads Gets Serious About Verification

Google Ads Goes Full Tilt on Verification Verify by Oct 10th or Google Says your account will be suspended. Google Ads has been very aggressive with verifying all accounts. Even going so far as to say that accounts that do not verify starting Oct. 10th will be suspended. In order to verify you need to […]

Google Ads issues with some clients due to GA4.

Google Ads causes Woes for some clients, We’ve Expanded Services & Pricing!

Clients are seeing decreased performance after the GA4 updates last month as we expected. Kow Abundant is offering new highly competitive services.  Kow Abundant is growing, as the top SEO company in Columbus we evaluated and updated our offerings to be class-leading and ahead-of-the-pack so they better-fit today’s marketing needs for clients. As such we have updated our services […]

Google ads just revolutionized the Ai search ads industry. Shows Ai robot using a computer

This Just Revolutionized Ai Search Ads

Google’s full transition to new analytics is fast approaching, as of July 1st, 2023 UA3 (the old analytics) will no longer be supported.  The digital ads industry is going through a major shift. At the recent Google Marketing event Google showcased a number of Ai “enhancements” to Google Ads as they proclaimed they were an “Ai first […]

Where digital ads are going.

Where Digital Ads Are Going.

Shifts in Ai, Poor Tech Support, & Old Analytics Sunsetting in July 2023. We see big industry shifts and how to react to them. There is nothing permanent except change said the Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus. This is true for digital ads at this time. There are times when big shifts happen and for many of […]