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Market Yourself!

The best way to market yourself is to start a business. Start with something you have experience with and ideally something that you are passionate about. Before I started Kow Abundant, I was passionate about helping and promoting local businesses within my community. I knew that local business is the lifeblood of the community and […]

Which is better SEO or Adwords?

Which is better SEO or Adwords?

I get this question a lot, “what is better SEO or AdWords?” I also hear, “should I focus on SEO or AdWords?” Both SEO and AdWords have their advantages and disadvantages. Both require investment and time but each has differences in the investment required. AdWords is Google’s advertising platform that uses Google search. SEO, in […]

Why you need a business mission statement

Why You Need A Business Mission Statement

A business mission statement is a bedrock of what you do and how you treat customers. It spreads throughout your company and becomes the ethos to everyone involved. Businesses often overlook the simplest elements that make the ending result a total joy for the customer. A mission statement sets your company’s goals and mindset down on […]

How to post when you are sad

How To Post When You Are Sad

A close family member and friend just passed away and me and my family are left with a big hole in our hearts and lives. It is especially difficult because he lived across the country so arrangements in a short time a difficult to impossible. His memory burns sharply in our minds as he was […]

Generally speaking, who looks happier? The man who is alone or the person chatting with many friends?

The health benefits of a conversation with someone new

I sit in the barber’s chair and hear the snipping of the scissors as Jill cuts my hair. Having tons of things on my mind, she asks, “so what are we doing today?”. My response is indignant and I blurt out some nonsense just saying, “short”. Troubles of money, struggles with work, and my wife […]

gain following on twitter - tech users love twitter and it is a great tool to gain leads for your business

Top Five Tips To Grow Your Twitter Following

So how do you do it? How do you grow Twitter and gain a following? Most importantly, how do you retain connected, interested, and high-value users? Twitter is a great social media and business lead-generation tool if you know how to use it. The power of Twitter lies in its ability to easily connect with […]

hoops band vinyl record Routines is out now.

Mindful music review – Hoops

The crowd cheered in Columbus, Ohio at Ace of Cups as the band opened their set. The band talked briefly to mention their song titles, “now we are going to play Gemini”. The crowd cheered even louder this time excited to hear what’s to come. A friend of mine, Mike, said he was going to […]

Book Review - You, the magician

Book Review – You, the Magician

You, the Magician by Josh Carothers & Jodi Maestras Carothers is an explosive colorful creation packed with powerful imagery and wise-words. “I haven’t seen a lot of books that address the mindfulness niche. It is filled with great ideas and lessons” – Lauren Columbus, Ohio It is said that this book is not a children’s […]

How to be mindful at work

Top 5 ways how to be mindful at work

Top 5 ways how to be mindful at work is very possible and this article will give you some tips on how to do so. It is called practice because it takes time and practice to master it. Be Present – Doodling or playing on your phone during a meeting is like being in grade […]

Barber giving a nice fresh shave

What Fulfills You? Finding Beauty In Unlikely Places

I enjoy a good straight razor shave. Years ago, I started buying fancy razors and trying them all out and seeing which was the best. I stuck with a blade made in Isreal called Personna. It always gives me a clean smooth shave that my wife enjoys. The thing I enjoy about shaving is that […]