Kow Abundant Wins Top SEO agency by Expertise.com

Kow Abundant Named A Top Columbus SEO Company By Expertise.com

The website Expertise.com looked at 71 digital marketing companies that service Columbus Ohio and picked the top 29. Kow Abundant was notified that we have been awarded one of their Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Columbus Award for 2020.

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Columbus
It is wonderful to be recognized this year for our efforts as we put our client’s needs first and the hard work is paying off. Expertise.com looked at a variety of factors in determining their decision. They scored candidates on more than 25 variables across five categories to reach their top choices. The categories include reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism.

Top Award-Winning Ranking Factor: Reputation

To further break down the awarded categories, this is how Expertise.com defines them. For reputation, they looked at a companies history which includes reviews, testimonials, and social profiles featuring great service. We have worked hard to have positive reviews for our company and to ensure that customer’s needs are met. We also respond quickly to reviews and emails as well.

Award Ranking Factor: Credibility

For credibility, they looked at accreditation, awards, and licensing. When it came to experience they looked at the number of years in service along with education and knowledge; are they experts in their field. Our company is proud to work directly with Google and to partner with them. We also work directly with Bing and have direct access to reps at each company. If our clients have questions we are able to answer them quickly and efficiently thanks for our business relationships.

Award-Winning Ranking Factor: Reputation

Another recent partner came from Advice Local. They are a company who works directly with SEOs to provide local citations and assistance with Google My Business. This has been a great resource during busy or difficult times when Google support is unavailable. We have also partnered with SEMrush who provides direct access to SEO resources and help on-demand with SEO issues.

SEO Agency Columbus Rapids 2020

In 2020 Kow Abundant was awarded top honors from SEOblog.com

Award Ranking Factor: Availability

Next on the list was availability, this means how responsive a company is when responding to customer requests. Kow Abundant has a solid track record of responding to customer’s requests as well as user reviews and social profile requests. Through our strategic partnerships with top companies and IT talent resources, we are able to leverage a vast network that keeps our clients at the forefront of SEO news, support, and infrastructure for their business.

Award Ranking Factor: Professionalism

The final item in the review process was Professionalism. This encompasses our mantra at Kow Abundant. To provide excellent service and be approachable, honest, and focus on gaining abundance for not only ourselves but for our clients. The name Kow Abundant comes from that and the “Kow” is an homage to the owner’s grandparents who owned a dairy farm where Easton shopping center now stands. It is also named for Ohio which has an abundance of cows and to maintain our local roots as we only service local clients or clients that have some connection to Columbus Ohio.

UpCity Top SEO Agency

In 2020, Kow Abundant was named a top SEO agency by UpCity

Multiple SEO Awards in 2020

In 2020, Kow Abundant was also awarded a top prize from SEOblog.com as a top-rated SEO agency. We were also awarded a top honors award from UpCity in 2020. We could not be more proud of the work that we continue to offer our clients and the Columbus Ohio community and realize that this is only the beginning!

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  • Congratulations on willing one of the TOP SEO Agenciy awards from Expertise.com.Of course, if they just asked us, we could have told them the same thing! Thanks for the many years of good work in our relationship for both us, and our clients.

    • Absolutely you are welcome and thanks for stopping by.

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