April Video SEO Newsletter

April 2020 Newsletter – Top SEO Tips

Video Link – Click to play the April 2020 Video Newsletter as we explain in even more detail each client question & news update.

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Top Client Questions Of The Month:

So many questions this month regarding SEO, Ads, & Google My Business. Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter above for more detailed answers. Here they are.

1. Customers are unable to leave reviews nor can I respond to GMB reviews, what is going on?
– Lots to cover here, watch the video newsletter above for more on this including, Google suspends getting reviews through Google My Business. Learn why. Refer to this articlehttps://mailchi.mp/advicelocal/special-gmb-covid-report?e=0ef09310b2

2. My store location is closed in light of COVID-19 but I am still taking web orders, how do I tell GMB this? Will it affect my search rankings?
– For businesses that are closed for a short time, you will want to use “special hours” option. For longer closures use the “temporarily closed” feature.

3. I have the option to place temporarily closed on our locations – Can I contact GMB with questions?
– Google is not answering via phone help at this time. I have access to help and you may contact Google on help forums and knowledge base which has a great community that answers help now.
And If I mark them that, can I easily turn them back to open?
– Yes, you will have the option to mark temp closed and then reopen on GMB

4. Do you know how accurate Google My Business insight data is?
– In order to properly answer that question, you would compare that data to Google Analytics. Google Analytics and Google Search console are the most accurate data when it comes to your website. In terms of map clicks Google My Business’ past accuracy has been questionable but has been improved.

Evaluate the number of clicks through Google Analytics to get the most accurate picture. For basic items like phone calls or map clicks it is said to be accurate but results vary and you want to have other conversion metrics in place to truly know.

5. What is the best word count for my SEO page meta description and for pages?
– We just wrote an article answering this question here
Google’s Chief SEO Evangelist, John Mueller said that word count is not necessarily as important as you might think when Google ranks a page. Google is getting smarter. In general terms, most pages that rank are comprehensive guides on the topic you searched for. This doesn’t just mean if their article is 1500 words you should write 1550 words. John Mueller says it’s all about content.

“So my advice is before writing a single word, check out the search results and try to understand what users mean when they type a search query.” – Roger Montii

For meta description length you want to keep it between 90 to 160 characters and no keyword stuffing, relevant content here too.

6. How can my small business get the new Google Ads credit that Google is giving out?
-Google is giving out $340 million worth of ad credits over the coming months they said. They announced this to help small businesses during this time. The requirement is you were an active advertiser since Jan. 1st 2019. New accounts can still get credits. We will keep existing account owners updated as soon as we hear more.

SEO News and Updates for this month

“SEO has a lot of different meanings to different people” – Han


This month Google released various algorithm updates in March 2020. The big changes were additions to structured data. Google disabled local reviews for Google my business. This means that customers are unable to make reviews. Due to COVID-19, Google has a limited staff as everyone is working from home. Calls are limited and wait times are much longer than previous. Google is not taking calls for Google my business questions at this time. You can get help via the forums.

60% of SEO’s prefer Google pause algorithm updates during the COVID-19 outbreak.

So naturally, there was a Google update

Google temporarily disables local reviews to avoid a flood of ill intent or malicious reviews.

Internet Providers Won’t Cut Off Users Over Unpaid Bills for 60 Dayshttps://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/14/business/internet-providers-coronavirus.html

Cloudflare Korea: traffic to websites offering anime streaming up over 2x, online chat up 1.2x to 1.8x and online gaming up about 30%. https://blog.cloudflare.com/covid-19-impacts-on-internet-traffic-seattle-italy-and-south-korea/amp/?__twitter_impression=true


The big changes to SEO this month come from Google my business. As more people are working from home, Google will adjust in the upcoming months to accommodate more changes. This includes how businesses are listed online. Hopefully, we will get back to work soon at our locations but until then Google has added a temporarily closed option for businesses. There are some helpful tips on how to mark your business as closed. As always, thanks to all the workers out there who continue business and the essential businesses as well. Grocery store employees, nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, sanitation, supply chain, truck drivers, so many brave and wonderful workers. Thank you!

Search Engine Journal: Google Offers Reasons for Significant SERP Changes.

How to prepare your business SEO for COVID-19

COVID-19 business marketing tips

Why SEO Companies are dropping the ball for small businesses


This month Google will give Google Ad credits to qualifying small businesses. In order to qualify, you need to have had a valid account since January 2019. Not much has been released yet on dates or availability. As soon as we know we will post more about this and, of course, let our customers know if they qualify. New customers are still eligible for a Google Ad credit as well. I have noticed increases and dips in display advertising as well during this time. It should stabilize in the next week or two but will keep you posted.

Google temporarily removes reviews for local businesses due to limited staff

Google is helping SMBs with some future Google ad credits. To qualify you must have had an active account since Jan 2019
Search Engine Land: Google pledges $340 million in Google Ads credits for SMBs.

This Month In Memes

The first French fry was not cooked in France.
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Anyone else watching the Office lately?
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This COVID-19 is killing my social life; I love going to theaters
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According to Cloudflare, Kids content online has shot up over 2000% in use
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fe526b00 e2c0 4367 bb01 f250d5375ecd | Columbus SEO Company Image Read the article on why SEO companies are dropping the ball now.

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The Thermostat With Jason Barger Podcast
I am so proud of this podcast and the work we do. The messages are fantastic and the stories timeless. Check it out






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Read the article How to prepare your business for COVID-19. 

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