August 2020 SEO Google and Bing Ads Updates - Game Changing

August 2020 SEO Newsletter – Game Changing Updates from Bing Ads, Google SEO, and More

August 2020 SEO Newsletter

Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter above for more detailed answers. Here they are.

1. What input do you have on the best local ‘rag’ papers we should hit?”
– In short, this is a loaded question for me seeing as how I worked in the magazine trenches when I got my start for a local magazine that targeted young professionals with primary readers in downtown Columbus of about 10K-15K households. I saw the ups and downs and have lots of great stories during my time there.

My recommendation
Hands down the winner is The Columbus dispatch for an older demo with most active home subscribers. As publishers tout physical magazines on the streets, this no longer matters in today’s COVID times. People just aren’t getting nearly as many newspapers or magazines today regardless of their previous declining factors. Ask them about actual numbers to homes, not on the streets; they are all that matter now in terms of physical magazine/news.

Local is still very powerful. I would recommend Columbus Monthly for physical presence only (website is a separate beast). When you pay for a full-page or half-page ad in a magazine you pay for awareness and brand recognition. This should be a buy for a few months only ideally due to cost.

When looking at this problem, focus on what best serves your demo, and if you should do this in the first place. I would actually focus all budgets online and on TV and not physical.

2. My site is not showing in Google news, did I do something wrong? -Chris
– Create a news sitemap at assuming you have publisher filled correctly, submit your sitemap to search console everything there is a new article.

3. We want to know which is better to use, a similar address to our other business with a suite number or our home address for our new business? -Zack
– For SEO purposes it is best to use a business address whenever possible. It is perfectly fine to use a similar address or even the same address for multiple businesses. This is common for co-working businesses and businesses that are in the same building. Google treats home businesses differently and you may not show up of you use your home address. I have even noticed even better SEO of listings if your location is on a business street such as downtown or high street in Columbus.

4. What advice do you have for a young marketer who is just starting out? – Aubrey
– Just watch all you can, read all you can, and constantly learn cause that is what this job is. Take opportunities. Remember that every client is a person first. Watch this video for more insights on this

5. What is better SEO or Google Ads? – Roger
– That is like chicken or the egg type question as they really work well together. I wrote a piece on this SEO works well when there is a lot of data and Google Ads gives us answers to some great questions. Who goes to our site? What are they searching? How long are they staying on before they contact us or leave? All from the sales funnel side. I really look at the website as your online sales person, your online real estate so consider it that.

6. My company wants to buy a premium domain that happens to be owned by a major conglomerate. They are asking mid 5 figures, is this legal?
– Yes, this is just like real estate and they can sell privately whatever both parties agree to in price. Premium domains go for high dollars due to the brand recognition. Be advised that companies often keep domains for years as they consider them brands/assets.

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Watch the SEO Video Above For more detailed answers

Kow Abundant wins top honors, winner of 2 major SEO awards for 2020 from named a top SEO agency in Columbus. Also, winner of top SEO agency.
Read the Full Article Here

SEO News and Updates for this month

Bing Ads Shutterstock images, Google shopping 0 Commish, WordPress native sitemaps (wow makes SEO job easier), bing submission WordPress plugin, news results in GSC filter, and local SEO name fixes coming

In a Year of Worsts, SEO Just Became the Best.

Google offering ‘upgraded’ GMB profile with Google Guaranteed badge for $50 per month.
Why?? This is a bad idea for Google. It’s like Yelps offerings and we all know how that went?!?

Google: Links Are Not The Most Important SEO Factor.

A Lot of Negative Google Reviews will hurt your rankings

SEO powerhouse technique tip. Increase traffic 37%, get better more efficient Google crawl, & According to SEMrush, 51% of companies claim that updating old content has proven to be among their most efficient tactics implemented for SEO.
Search Engine Journal: Why & How Content Pruning Helps Your SEO.

Google Weights Business Names Too Highly – Are Fixing it now

Google Search Update:
There was a Google Update on August 1st. This caused rankings to drop for most people.

Google Ads No Longer To Allow Intimate Partner Surveillance Products & Services.
Why it’s important?
Business owners will sometimes ask if they can track IP of users and then text or email or get name and email. Now companies like Hubspot do this kind of thing with their packages starting at $800 per month. That is really an abuse of power for an advertiser. It also technically goes Google’s ad rules. This breaks the relationship. Imagine you search for headache and migraine treatments. Then see an ad for a headache miracle pill. Then you get an email saying order now. Then you get a text about ordering. That is obtrusive and you would be pretty pissed off and bothered by this.
How ads work now is, you see an ad YOU click it, you make the decision to go to the next step. It doesn’t autobuy or make you do something. Sometimes it might seem like spam but not to that level and the reason it is spam is because so many ad marketing companies and small businesses do ads wrong and it gets annoying to you. The best way to ensure you do it right is to work with a Google partner and do audience targeting.

Tiktok to be banned in US

by executive order by President Trump in late September unless purchased by US company. Microsoft in talks to buy.

This month’s charity to support is Cozy Cat Cottage in Columbus Ohio

Our cats, Gwenny (top) was adopted from Cozy Cat Cottage and Frank.

Each month we make a donation to the charities we list for support as well.

Donate & Learn More Here About Cozy Cat Cottage

This Month In Memes

Ben Gelber celebrated 40 years being a meteorologist last month. Here is his title when he started his career.
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Owning a small business
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Some businesses are being awfully shifty about their hours apparently.
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Time is ticking for TikTok in US.
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The Thermostat With Jason Barger Podcast
Listen to the podcast that I audio engineer with Jason each Tuesday at 7am and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Don’t Forget About Our Ebook!
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Watch our Video Newsletter for even more detailed answers to the top client questions and check out our blog for even more! 🙂

Thanks everyone for reading, stay healthy and stay safe!

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