Chris Anderson is a top realtor in Columbus

How This Real Estate Agent Generated 21K in commissions with SEO

Chris Anderson is a realtor who knows how important it is to stay current. Always looking for an edge in his field, while attending one of the many networking events in Columbus, Ohio he was referred to an SEO marketing company by Suresh Rachuri, owner of maven IT Staffing & Consulting. Maven uses Kow Abundant’s services to grow their business and contact info was given to Chris.

“I decided to meet with Ted from Kow Abundant and after hearing what they could do for me and to be honest I was skeptical but figured it would be worth a shot and was willing to try it and see.”

Getting any edge in the real estate business can be lucrative and improve commissions. What results could the realtor Chris Anderson see?

From Skeptic to Ambassador

Focusing on SEO became a marketing priority for 2018 alongside other forms of advertising he had currently done including print, a calendar, phone calls, and traditional forms. Over 2018 Chris had seen remarkable results. Calls and contacts were coming in out of the blue. “I got calls from people I didn’t know from Adam” said Chris Anderson referring to the new business coming in. There were people from the Cleveland area calling to sell a home in Worthington, a suburb in Columbus Ohio. When he asked where they had heard of Chris they replied, “I found you online”. Chris ended up selling over $700K in home sales which generated over $21K in sales commission.

A Great ROI

The SEO efforts ROI gave a 17X return on investment in 2018. This is not the case with every client but is absolutely a game changer for marketing moving forward. Chris is now investing in Youtube advertising and promoting videos to new potential clients and has some great commercials to boot. To see Chris’ Youtube channel click here.

Looking To Buy Or Sell?

If you are looking to buy or sell your home looking in the central Ohio area, contact Chris Anderson of RE/MAX Premier Choice or call (614) 563-HOME or email

Chris Anderson has many qualifications including CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert), SRES (Senior Real-Estate Specialist), ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative), CRS state President in 2017, 2009 Ohio CRS of the Year, 2009 Agent of the Year for RE/MAX, and four-time 5-star winner.

If you are looking for marketing or SEO help contact Kow Abundant



    • We serve clients in Ohio or that have a connection to Ohio/Columbus area. From there this client did a lot of great video work with us and advertising to promote his videos and site to gain leads. Hopefully the article gives some details on his success and what he did. If you have specific questions I can try to answer or update the article, let me know.

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