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How Good is Your Website’s SEO?

Many business owners do not know how their website’s SEO really is. An SEO analysis assessment helps give you a baseline for understanding where you are and what can be improved. Under the hood, a website holds all kinds of information that Google and other search engines use to better rank a website.

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What is an SEO Assesssment?

An SEO assessment will test your websites SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This features many levels of tests from finding code errors on site, errors with how Google sees your website, any backlink or link issues, and many other errors, warnings, and notes.

What to focus on

In terms of your website, there are some important elements to focus on to improve your SEO. Make sure that your site is very user-friendly with easy access to the info customers are looking for. Mobile-friendly sites also rank higher in Google’s eyes. A well-optimized site will have a higher rank on Google but that is not all that Google looks for.
Many businesses overlook the importance of links to other local businesses. Local SEO starts with good relationships with other businesses. Improving your local SEO can involve the following:
  • Ask other local businesses to link to your site, give referrals a special offer
  • Make sure that your local Google maps listing is updated
  • Just as you might put flyers or cards from other local businesses in your storefront do so on your website and ask them to do the same
  • Check and update your local listings such as social profiles, bing, local listing sites, YP.com, superpages.com, and beyond. Find all the issues and listings here
  • Utilize keywords in your listings. Use this tool or Google keyword planner to identify keywords. Another tool is trends.google.com although this has far less relevance than the other tools.
  • Guest blog or do local posts about a specialty you offer and link back to your website.
  • Read this SEO guide from DesignRush

How to get a free SEO analysis from SEMrush.com

If you are ready to take the first step to see where your SEO is now you can fill out the information below and get a free SEO report from SEMrush.com emailed to you. You might not understand all the data in this report but that is okay. If you need additional help or are looking to improve your SEO we can help, just call or text 614-230-2308. Good luck!

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