May 2020 SEO Newsletter

May 2020 SEO Newsletter – Top SEO Tips & Questions

Video Link – Click to play the May 2020 Video SEO Newsletter. get more detail on all questions.

Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter above for more detailed answers. Here they are.

1. I don’t have a big following but want to do a giveaway, should I wait?
– No! All it takes is one person to say, I’ll take it. A giveaway is promotion. Waiting until you get a bigger following for a giveaway is a catch-22. Do it now! It will help grow your following.

2. Can you target a specific business address with Google ads?
– You can target within a 1 mile radius of an address and specific zip codes. To target a specific address is called Geo-fencing. The best use I have seen of this is in Snapchat where you can create stickers and actually mark points around your location to target. Facebook is just a 10 mile radius and Google a 1 mile radius.

3. How do I verify that a business is legitimate online? – Mike S
– Same kind of things that you would do locally. Check their online reviews, see their online profiles and if the reviews look legit as well. To do further digging you can check their BBB profile as well as with the secretary of state website to see if they are a registered business. Be advised, if a business sounds shady it probably is.

4. How do I get an easy share review link for my GMB location?
– Access this link directly from your Google My Business profile page and click on share review link from the “home” section.

5. Is it okay to have the same page in different pieces of your menu, if so do you have to have the same name?
– With the main nav menu, you really want to think what will best help your customers. The user experience is key. Often, being redundant is not a good idea. Try to focus your menu items

6. What should the proper mix be given we are retail of text images?
– Again, it is all about serving your customer. Good question, as Google often wants pages with more text but that is actually because they usually help answer questions people are asking. Watch the video for more on this. 

7. How long do people stay on YOUR site?
– I look at the sources in analytics that drive conversions and where most users are coming from versus overall bounce rate. My average bounce rate on channels I care about is 51.57%

8. Can users block certain ads from showing on their websites that use Google Adsense?
– Ad Sense allows you to limit certain content but mainly it is all selected by Google to your site when you opt into the program. Read this for more 

9. How are ads targeted on websites?
– Google uses a partner program called Ad Sense. 10.8 Million websites use it (ref) This allows Google to serve targeted ads online. Watch the video for more. See how ads are targeted here 

10. How are ads placed on websites? How can I win more ad auctions?
– Because the ad auction ranks advertisers based on their bids and Quality Score, it creates a win-win-win situation: it assigns the ad unit to the advertisers who value it the most; the winning ads are therefore from the advertisers who are willing to pay the most; and the Quality Score-based approach ensures good user experience. Learn more here

Watch the SEO Video Above For more detailed answers

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SEO News and Updates for this month

“You can’t stop stupid” – Jessica Bigham (my wife)

Kow Abundant wins top honors, winner of 2 major SEO awards for 2020 from named a top SEO agency in Columbus. Also, winner of top SEO agency. Read the full article here

Google Search Update:
Google Search Ranking Update Flutters April 28th & 29th via Search Engine Roundtable

The 17 Best Free SEO Tools You Should Use in 2020 via

Google recently sent out an update about Google ad credits coming to small business that qualify. SMBs who have advertised most all of 2019 will be eligible for Google ad credits. My personal reps told me that the info on credits will be released in Q2, that means between now and June 30th. Google pledged $340 million in ad credits coming to small business and over $800 million in total Google product credits to SMBs coming in 2020.
Stay tuned for more detail and we will let our clients know personally that quality as we are watching this closely. Google Ad Credits update April 20th

Big news for Google Shopping!
Search Engine Land: In major shift, Google Shopping opens up to free product listings. Watch the video for more on this

Google Ads to require verification
Verifications now pushed forward, Google partners like Kow Abundant will be able to push through with little or less verification on new accounts.

Google earnings affected by global health situation, expects 1-8% growth overall still. Read more here

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This Month In Memes

Remember Norton Antivirus?7de5b590 85a9 44fa 9d0e 020971298d42 | Columbus SEO Company ImageHere’s the story, of a zoom family meeting.dd58dd3d b802 40c7 a01e 694fe3d50eb7 | Columbus SEO Company ImagePlease listen to this advice.
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