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Over Half Of Small Businesses List Growing SEO as Biggest Priority

As a business owner, you already know that it’s important to maintain a web presence. But, unfortunately, millions of other business owners know the same thing. You need to have a great looking site, but it’s not going to do you much good if it doesn’t rank all that well. A recent study from SEO Tribunal has found that 61% of companies list growing their SEO as a top business priority.

And that’s where a lot of businesses struggle. Getting a well-designed website is fairly simple. If you have the time and patience, you can even put it together yourself using a template or web design software. That’s the easy bit.

It’s getting traffic to the site that is going to prove to be a much greater challenge. Whereas we know what every site needs to have to look good and impress clients, we also have to know how to impress the search engines.

And as anyone who has been running a site for a while will tell you, that can prove difficult to do. The problem is that there really is no set formula for SEO. A lot of the time, getting your site to rank well can be something of a hit and miss affair.

Getting that elusive top spot on any search engine can be a matter or trial and error. And then, just as you might seem to have a handle on it, the rules change. Your site can go from zero to hero and back again seemingly overnight.


How Do I Get My Site to Rank Well?

It’s not great for businesses. And yes, you can pay to advertise your site, but none of us have unlimited marketing budgets for endless campaigns. PPC advertising is also only effective up to a certain point anyway. People do not trust sponsored results and tend to focus their attention more on the organic results.

It leads us back to the main issue – how to convince a search engine that your site is credible and worthy of one of the top spots? We wish that we had a simple answer for you, but there really is not one. The search engines keep what factors help you rank well in their algorithms a closely guarded secret.

It’s annoying but we’re not completely helpless in this area. As the team at SEO Tribunal found out, there are some tips that prove highly effective. We’ve published a copy on this page so that you can see exactly what they found out.

SEO insights are never a short read, but they are well worth the time if you want your site to perform well. If we had to choose just one aspect to focus on for now though, it would be content creation. Kow Abundant offers a content creation service for their clients to help grow their followers, expand their reach, and inform customers of new updates. It’s no longer good enough to slap together some content and stuff it full of keywords.

75% of SEO is actually off-page, while only 25% is on-page. 

Most people make the mistake of believing that what’s on your website is the key to SEO. Instead, backlinks, social signals, social media, directories, and many other “off-page” practices will prove to be even more valuable than you ever thought possible.

In fact, shoddy content that reads badly is actually going to cost you traffic in the long-term. One of the factors that we know for sure that search engines consider is how long someone stays on your site for. If the content on the site is relevant to the visitor, of high-quality and useful to them, they’ll stay to read it.

View this great SEO Infographic:

If you are interested in SEO services and are in the Columbus Ohio area, contact Kow Abundant today 614-230-2308, otherwise, check out SEO Tribunal.

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