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How to launch a business in 30 days – Marketing Ebook

The new marketing ebook, Think Like A Marketer! was created from my experiences when launching a new business. From concept to launch, I pulled it off in an astonishing 30 days! For more on this topic check out our blog post entitled – How To Launch a Business in 30 days. How did I do it? This ebook outlines the path that took me from a dead-end job working 60+ hours a week to owning my own business doing what I love and getting paid for it. Think Like A Marketer! at its core isn’t a marketing ebook, it is a self-improvement manifesto. If you apply the steps in this ebook, you will have the power to change your life.

Excerpt – Sample:

Let me ask and write this down, what are small improvements that could make a big change for my business?  Think of at least five examples now before you move on.

Some ways to better market include: placing business cards in orders, writing coupons or encouraging reviews on your business card, offering discounts for referrals, having a raffle every month and collecting business cards, advertising targeting mobile phones, let your customers know of your promotions and upcoming events, be active on social media with lots of pictures, interesting information, and (this is important) be authentic!

There are endless ways to be creative with how to get the word out, think outside the bun and envision a future with your business having the customers you desire eagerly searching for your product or service.

You are the reflection that you put out into the world. So make it a good one.

Learn how to make your actions a reality. Get what you want, gain fulfillment, and make a difference!

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  • I have read this book it has interesting ideas and I have started a logo design agency in los angeles i believe this book will help my business to grow much faster . Thanks for sharing this book . Your article is amazing

    • Happy to hear that you liked it! Good luck 🙂

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