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How To Launch A Business in 30 Days

How to launch a business in 30 days. Launching a business can be fun but quite overwhelming. In order to launch a business in 30 days you need planning and laser focus. Assuming you have a great idea and the skill to back it up, the next step is immerse yourself in the language of business. Listen to podcasts (James Altucher is great), read blogs (Seth Godin’s being one), and read lots of books (such as the Kow Abundant eBook) to keep you motivated. There are also some great blogs and social accounts to follow for that added morning dose of motivation and inspiration. Follow @kowabundant on Instagram for this. Assuming you have that idea ready let’s start a business!

Starting a business in 30 days was my goal and once I started things really took off. Columbus is a growing city with a thriving small business community, I’m so happy to be a part of it.

While working long hours for a local company I was not happy. I was physically sick, tired, and knew there was something better out there. After 3 months of saving every penny to help launch my new business I quit. I had planned my business, wrote a 47 page business plan, and was motivated by creating a better life and to help other local businesses.

This is my fifth business so I feel I have a good understanding of the paperwork involved. A big challenge was to find office space in Clintonville that I loved.

I had to find office space. I searched endlessly online, driving around looking for any “Now Renting” signs; I looked through dozens of locations and then I found it!

  1. First nail down a location.

    Find one that best benefits your business and gives easy access to all of Columbus. I narrowed down the list and landed on Clintonville, a fun and vibrant community that loves local! I found three offices and was almost convinced on the second one but something made me keep searching. It was a real Goldilocks scenario. The first location was just out of my price range and didn’t offer enough value. The second was great, good location, great options for expansion down the road but it wasn’t that corner office that everyone desires in their dreams, something was missing. By some stroke of luck I took a nice scroll on the Columbus Region website and I found office spaces that encourage entrepreneurs to work together and didn’t just focus on collecting a rent check. Thinking outside the box really helps. Check local city websites and ask around to good connections.

I became curious about this co-op space called the Salt Mines and before I knew it I was there with the office manager looking at office space. I immediately found the space I had in my head and said I’ll take it. It was a nice space next to the window overlooking high street. With that I knew my dreams were becoming real.

2. File your paperwork and setup a business bank account

Along the way I filed paperwork and forms with the State of Ohio, notified the IRS of my business, setup a bank account, and crafted the entire concept of my website and even wrote an ebook. I wrote ebooks for clients before so I knew I could do it but never one so personal or filled with my own talent and knowledge. The ebook I created was built around the idea that all of this happened inside my head, I manifested everything before it became a reality.

3. Create a website, plan the launch.

There are many tools out there that can help you with website creation. You can even use Facebook or a blog in the short term but having a good website gives you legitimacy and is your 24/7 sales tool. Some free tools include,, Google sites, or You can even start an ecommerce site for low cost using Mind you, these tools are great to get started but when you budget allows I recommend spending 8-10% of yearly projected revenue into a good website and SEO as time goes on.

4. Craft some marketing and PR strategy.

Try out various social media platforms and use the one you like best to build your audience. There are so many amazing tools out there to help get your message out. Many people can also help you with your message. Some of the most popular platforms for generating leads include Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook as essentials (linkedin also works well for certain industries). Some additional platforms include Snapchat, tiktok, Periscope, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, Flickr, and Youtube (the second largest search engine in the world). Connect with local influence-rs and email or tweet them, many times they will answer back and help out.

5. Lauching a business in 30 days takes planning.

I planned for 2 months, writing down on paper what I wished to achieve with my business. This formed the basis of my business plan. If you are looking for an ultra-convenient way to create a business plan I highly recommend With this site I was able to create a complete business plan with detailed projections, budgets, and more in about 1 week (power mode activated with full coffee refills engaged). Any change is hard. If all this were easy there would be far more people doing it. You are reading this because you want a positive change in your life. Set a goal and make it happen!

If you are interested in reading the ebook mentioned in this article, it is available for free. Simply sign up at the bottom of this website or on the homepage and it will be sent to you.

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