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By Ted Bigham on April 8, 2017

Top 5 Conversion Goals for Local Businesses

This is for businesses who use or are thinking of using online ads to attract new customers which is a great idea 🙂 If you don’t have a great web presence that is okay. You can see benefits and drive customers to your business using online ads without the end all be all of websites, you’ll get there one day right? Online conversions are essential for a successful Adwords campaign. For local businesses it is important to have a few conversion goals established to measure and track your progress. This is for businesses who use or are thinking of using online ads to attract new customers which is a great idea 🙂 So what is a good conversion goal? I will describe the top 5 essential conversion goals for local businesses below.

  1. Find Your Goal – The real power comes from you knowing what you want to achieve. Is it driving traffic to your store, more online orders, or getting more leads? All of these are actually not goals. Getting more customers is a given and not a goal. What are you really looking for? A conversion goal is specific, requires some customer action, and is trackable. Having specific goals will give your Adwords professional help to setup better conversions and make your campaign far more successful.
  2. Phone Number Tracking – This is a big one. Using Google to track where your calls are coming from is a great way to know that your customers are really using your ads to reach you directly and, hopefully, order. This is great for local businesses like restaurants or shops that want to drive traffic to their store and might not have a great webs presence.
  3. Time spent on site – The length of time spent on your website after a customer clicks the link. This is beneficial because you can set this value to over 10 or 15 seconds which means that a customer stays on the site and actually looks at your content showing that they care about what you have to say which is more likely to result in a sale or new customer.
  4. Filling out a contact form – Getting yours to your website is great and all but who really cares unless they take action? By tracking if users are asking you questions from your Google ads you can better understand their direction on your website and how you can improve your site to reduce these questions or instead drive more actions like online purchases or going to your store.
  5. Clicking on a coupon – There are two main ways for customers to get a coupon or offer. Track how a customer clicks on a button or if they click to subscribe to a mailing list with your coupon contained in a newsletter you send to them. This is the best way to keep customers informed as email still works very well with getting customers.

Hopefully this helps you better understand what conversion goals are and what are some good goals to have for your business. To learn more please sign up for our free marketing ebook which will tell you more ways to improve your business marketing and improve your life.


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