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Kow Abundant Winner Top 6 Facebook Marketing Agencies in Columbus Award

Kow Abundant is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Top 6 Facebook Marketing agencies in Columbus award by

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We have been working hard and this is our eighth award and first in the category of Facebook marketing so we are very proud of this honor. Facebook marketing along with Instagram in 2022 was a cornerstone for our business as more of our customers were looking at social marketing to expand their reach. Facebook marketing was definitely an area of growth over the last year and we are proud of our efforts in this area. We have helped many local businesses take their Facebook and social ad efforts to the next level over the last year.

The Boost is not so Boastful

Many small businesses will start advertising on Facebook or social media using the easy “boosting” features which are often great for the social media companies but not the best for the clients. We provide more in-depth data points when running social media ads that often drive 4x or even more the results that customers might drive themselves. Sometimes the results are really astounding to clients when they can clearly see that our efforts are working and making them more money.

The Missing Piece – Tracking Conversions

Tracking conversions is an essential part of running good Facebook, Instagram, and social ads but it was almost always done improperly or difficult to do. That is because Facebook makes things seem easy with the idea of the Facebook pixel but the truth is that implementing the pixel on your site is really just the tip of the iceberg. After adding the pixel you must go into the Facebook ads manager interface and test and tweak the settings so that you know the pixel is properly utilized and also that you set goals so that you know what IS A CONVERSION. Not only that but Pixels can fail over time with new changes to a website and they need to be updated and tested to make sure that things are working as they should.

Starting Your Journey

Award winner for 2022 Facebook Marketing award winner best social media advertising agency Simply boosting a post lets business owners learn about some important marketing questions such as who are your demographics, who is your customer, and where and how can you find them? It is a great starting point for small businesses to boost posts that would otherwise never be seen by anyone on Facebook due to how the algorithm will simply not show your posts even sometimes to people that follow you. Boosting does ensure that you get your posts seen by others. The difficult thing is that it really is a stupid simple option that doesn’t work, or work well, with conversion tracking, and you are really limited in promoting existing posts generally.


Good marketing funnels for businesses, are fun for customers, make sense for the owners, and show easy results via the dashboard that can tell you important data points that allow business owners to make key decisions about improving their marketing channels and how to promote their business. At Kow Abundant, we are proud of the work we do with our customers and that is all our goal. As a top 6 Facebook marketing company in Columbus and a top social media marketing company in Columbus, we are happy to accept this award and look forward to 2023 and we can help more small businesses. If you are looking for a Facebook ad agency near me look no further than Kow Abundant.

If you have questions about social media or Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube marketing then contact us or give us a call 614-230-2308 to see if we are a good fit and if we can help.

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