April 2021 SEO Newsletter

Kow Abundant’s April 2021 SEO Newsletter

April Healing

Already April has been a time of healing for us. After recovering from a bad bout of food poisoning we are all healed and back in action. It was a rough start for sure but now we look at the warmer temperatures and remind ourselves to slow down and not get too excited for the great weather but to ease into it. We also got our first vaccine dose this month.

Tax time is around the corner and we are reviewing our expenses and seeing the best ways to improve client workflows. April is a time where we want to burst out and do so many things, especially this year, but taxes and our health issues are a reminder to slow down and take time to enjoy the little things we already have.

Kow Abundant is hiring a digital marketing manager/associate, if you’ve got SEO and Google Ads chops then contact us at support@kowabundant.com

1. Looks like Google will no longer track user cookies, does this mean customer lists will no longer work? – Mark
– Custom lists will not be affected because they use Google Gmail primarily and mail services run by Google. There will be some changes to services like display ads based on how Google sees an audience. This article helps explain the move. Google announced this at various times dating as far back as 2019 and a plan in Jan 2020 to be out of the cookie business by 2022. All core Google products like search, Gmail ads, YouTube will not be affected. It looks like display ads will change how they look at a user audience.

Watch our full video analysis on this

Read our full blog post about this

2. How can you target audiences with Facebook ads? – Zach
– Facebook Ads allow you to select your demographics or audiences using their likes as well as details about that user like age, gender, and location. Certains options are limited for housing, credit, lending, and employment sectors. If you can think who your audience is and what habits/hobbies/or things they like then Facebook could be a good fit. Note, FB has limits of only 10 miles for location based focusing.

3. Can we tell who the people are that clicked on our Google Ads?
– That is a no-no from Google. They strive to provide a level of privacy for users so they anonymize clicks so advertisers don’t know exactly. That being said, we can find out more info about some users by doing some digging and through analytics data. Things like what area, sometimes zip they might be from, sometimes ages, genders, search queries, incomes, and interests. IP address blocking is called anti-fingerprinting and is a policy for Google to not give a user’s IP address away.

4. What should my business go after first? So many options, SEO, Google Ads, FB, Insta, Video, etc.
– This is a great question about marketing priorities. I suggest reading Which is better Google Ads or SEO article by us. You want to be versed in those activities to better understand what is a good fit and where to begin. I say, start with what you are passionate about. If you like photos, post to FB/Insta. If you like writing, then write blogs on your website. If video is your thing then do that. SEO can be very technical and is often best to work with a professional. Google Ads can be started yourself but I recommend using a professional soon as you really miss lots of features and benefits by doing it yourself. Look for a Google partner like we are.
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5. How does Google Shopping know what keywords to use? – Tom
– Google shopping uses a mix of your item descriptions, titles, and popular searches based on your products compared to others using the UPC codes. If most people search a certain keyword for that UPC then Google will match that to your item.

6. Should I update my Youtube thumbnails?
– Yes, Youtube SEO can help improve your view rates. Some say as much as 4000% wow. You will want to create images that are engaging and clickable and you can add text if you wish. Also, you can change lesser performing video titles. You can use a service like VidIQ to learn about analytics for videos and which are the hidden gems that you want to update.

7. What does approved limited mean in Google Ads?
– APPROVED LIMITED means that your ads can run in areas where this policy is not in effect like certain countries outside USA & Canada. Ads can be serving outside US + CANADA but not running in USA/CANADA

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This Months Charity is Faith Mission. Each month we donate to a charity and encourage you to join us. Faith Mission is a homeless shelter and health center in Columbus Ohio. Donate today!


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