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Top Five Tips To Grow Your Twitter Following

So how do you do it? How do you grow Twitter and gain a following? Most importantly, how do you retain connected, interested, and high-value users?

Twitter is a great social media and business lead-generation tool if you know how to use it. The power of Twitter lies in its ability to easily connect with tons of users very simply. Even the basic search has some advanced features to target and geo-locate nearby users that are relevant to you and your business.

Here are the top five tips to grow your Twitter following.

  1. Use a Twitter management tool such as Statusbrew and/or Crowdfire. These powerful apps keep you on task and can greatly improve your Twitter following. There are many apps available in the App Store as well to help you gain followers. This is done by finding relevant users who connect with you, who like your content, and who are most likely to follow you back. Some other great apps include and HootSuite. HootSuite is an extremely powerful tool. The most powerful tool I have come across is called Tweepi. This tool allows you to find new followers based on certain topics and even sorts users by how likely they are to follow you back. This and other tools are great at “cutting the fat” so to speak as well as unfollowing people who aren’t paying attention to your posts or just aren’t following you back. All this is done via desktop and the Tweepi web interface. At the time of this writing, there is no Tweepi mobile/iPad app.
  2. Keeping a schedule is really important with Twitter management. There are many great tools that help you bulk-edit tweets so that you can schedule them for later. Such a service is Statusbrew or Social Jukebox to automate content. You want to devote about 10 minutes every day to gaining followers. This means following new people by simply looking them up through the Twitter search, or other tools using relevant hashtags. For example, if you’re selling to businesses, then look for #businessowner or #entrepreneur and see popular posts and look at who liked those posts. From there follow those people. Not everyone will follow you back but if you keep doing this over time many will follow you and you will build your Twitter following significantly. makes it really easy to do this and is my current tool of choice for Twitter to manage all my followers. This tool is like Gold once you get over 1K followers to properly manage and keep your audience engaged and grow. Get started by using this link and get a special discount
  3. Use remarketing tags – This is an advanced topic but be sure to use twitter universal remarketing tags in your site code. Remarketing allows you to connect with people who have already been on your site usually up to 30 days before. You can use this to target users or fans of your site to increase your leads. You can also create ads or a landing page that asks people to follow you on Twitter or Facebook. Tags are extremely powerful and should be in your sales pipeline.
  4. Great Content! Let’s not forget the single most important part of your social profile, content! Gaining a solid following on Twitter takes a few months, it can’t even take years to get to a high level of followers. The best way to ensure long-term growth is a threefold approach. First, have great content on your Twitter page. Second, target the right people interested in your content. Third, have your blog or website synced with your Twitter to auto-post your content. If you happen to use WordPress, a popular plugin is called Revive-Old-Post. Other tools online that can help auto-curate content for you are not recommended. I’m not a big fan of auto-content creation tools but what I do like is using a tool that lets you pick the content and schedule it out evenly over the next month. This is something that Kow Abundant, our company, specializes in and can help you with should you need it.
  5. Avoid services that sell 1000 followers or buy-followers-now type services. Gaining a following takes lots of time and if you can’t invest in it, then consider investing in a content company that can help you. Kow Abundant can help manage your Twitter following and gain you more leads for your business through Twitter. We actually dive deep into your business and help you create valuable content with a unique sales funnel approach. We don’t just go and buy 1000 followers that don’t matter nor help your business in the long run. Avoid services that sell 1000 followers or buy-followers-now type services.  If you’re a local business, then 1000 followers from halfway across the world aren’t going to help your bottom line so-don’t even waste your money.

If you like what you hear and want to learn more then contact Kow Abundant at 614-230-2308 or use the form below and we can help grow your Twitter and improve your website SEO.

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