Best SEO Agency in Columbus award given to Kow Abundant from SocialAppsHQ

Award-winning SEO agency and PPC company in Columbus Ohio

Kow Abundant is proud to announce our top awards for 2023. We were just awarded the best-rated SEO agency from SocialAppsHQ. When asked why SocialAppsHQ selected Kow Abundant as their winner they said the following,

“We picked Kow Abundant because you were a perfect fit for what we were looking for. We looked into your company and it met all our standards and requirements.”

SEO in 2023, Big Changes , Kow Abundant leads through it all

This year has seen many changes in the SEO landscape and in marketing overall. From Twitter to becoming X to Threads (didn’t do much) to the sweeping Google changes with GA4 analytics, 2023 was really a year of doing the things that should have been done in 2020 now a reality.

As a result there were many growing pains for many marketing companies. Having these honors really shows that Kow Abundant can whether any marketing storms and actually greatly help clients’ lives throughout.

2023 was a tough time for marketing as Ai took frontstage with tools like ChatGPT and Bard coming into their own. The future will certainly bring more changes but Kow Abundant harnesses the power of Ai to deliver key insights and possibilities to our clients using advanced tools. We consider ourselves on the cutting edge of SEO but still remain focused to keep tried and true strategies alive and well that drive results.

Kow Abundant Wins the 2023 Best SEO Agency in Columbus Award

In 2023 we were also awarded two honors from The first was Best SEO Agencies in Columbus for 2023 and the second was the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Columbus for 2023 award.

Top SEO Agency in Columbus Top Digital Marketing Agency in Columbus

Local Excellence Award Winners for 2023

Finally, we were awarded a very high honor from as the 2023 Local Excellence award winner for SEO. See the full blog post here about the selection process and our award-winning service.

Kow Abundant wins 2023 Local Excellent Award from UpCity

Kow Abundant wins 2023 Local Excellent Award from UpCity


This marked Kow Abundant’s 3rd year in a row winning the local excellence award and we are very pleased by this honor. We want to thank our amazing customers and our team for supporting us in 2023 and to make this all possible.

It took a lot of hard work and constant evolution, training, and focus to keep up the incredible work this year. 2023 was not an easy time in digital marketing with all the of the changes in social media, to GA4, and even changes in Google Ads with new tracking methods, it took lots of focus and hard work to keep everything running at the top of its class for our clients.

2023, A Tough Time for Many, We are here and focused.

We know many marketers have suffered this year due to all the changes and we know this was a tough year for many businesses. We want everyone to know that we are here because we want local businesses to thrive always. We will continue with our mission to help grow and support local small businesses in Columbus Ohio. These awards show that we continue to provide industry-leading support to all of our clients now and in the future.

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