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Kow Abundant Wins Best SEO Expert in Columbus Award

Kow Abundant is proud to announce our 6th major award win in 2021. Kow Abundant wins the best SEO expert in Columbus award from Expertise.com. This is a prestigious award from the growing agency and we are so happy and grateful to receive this honor. We have all worked very hard in SEO in Columbus to keep clients updated on the latest SEO tactics and work to help serve them. Google doesn’t always make things easy when understanding the latest changes with SEO and how to improve your rankings on Google.

SEO Experts in Columbus

Every month we write down some of the top client questions and post them in our SEO newsletter. This helps us stay on top of client needs while providing valuable insight to the community on SEO topics, Google Ads, Video content, and social media questions. Staying up to date is a precedent that is important at Kow Abundant. The landscape changes all the time, so it is essential to monitor and evaluate trends in rankings and compare what your competitors are doing that helps them rank. Google says that they make 10+ search updates every day, this all adds up!

We stay up to date on the latest trends and SEO data from Google, blogs, and journals across the web and social media to keep our clients informed. By comparing many ranking factors from core web vitals, page loading speed, page experience, usability, and content evaluations we help our clients get better google rankings in search. Recently, Google is moving away from just keywords and now looking at your site content as a whole. This means that it is more important than ever to have valuable content on your website and across social media channels to help with rankings. We take this into account when we create a marketing picture for our clients of where they are, where they want to be, and where to go from here.

Mobile-First Indexing is Official

In recent years, mobile continues to change the game and be the dominant force in ranking for Google. Mobile-first indexing was made official in September 2020 for all websites. This means that it is essential that small businesses focus on their mobile website to improve SEO to rank higher. In Google’s mobile-first indexing best practices guide, Google says that the content should be the same on mobile and desktop and one thing that makes us achieve long-term success is that we do foundational SEO techniques that better hold longer rankings. We consider our approaches white-hat SEO techniques in nature and do not subscribe to black-hat SEO tricks or fly-by-night hacks that one day will leave your business without any rankings, traffic, or even a possible ban from Google. By adhering to our foundational principles, we are able to achieve long-term client growth while achieving ranking success for our clients.

Another great resource we put out every month is our client newsletter. Packed full of valuable SEO trends and topics along with some great client questions happening each month.

Expertise.com 5 Pillars for the Award

Here is what Expertise.com has to say about the award. Our goal at Expertise is to provide our site visitors with top service providers in key categories in their area. More than half a million unique visitors come to our site each month (and growing), and we review and add new categories based on interest and demand. A byproduct of our efforts is that our selected providers can see increased interest from local customers. We offer the use of the award badge as a way for providers to confirm and highlight their recognition.

To determine our lists, we start by identifying a broad pool of active providers within a given business category and geographical area. Then we grade each based on five key criteria: Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, and Professionalism, analyzing only publicly available data. Our top providers are selected based on their overall score and then published to our site.

Expertise.com Award

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