Why you need a business mission statement

Why You Need A Business Mission Statement

A business mission statement is a bedrock of what you do and how you treat customers. It spreads throughout your company and becomes the ethos to everyone involved. Businesses often overlook the simplest elements that make the ending result a total joy for the customer. A mission statement sets your company’s goals and mindset down on paper and helps guide your company’s goals.

I share this lesson from a great book titled, The Sustainable Edge.  In the book, you’ll find some wonderful examples of how to craft and fine tune your narrative. Below is the mission statement for Kow Abundant, a company that promotes local businesses online at an affordable price-point. You can read how each line strengthens the next and provides value to the narrative while framing the company mindset nicely.

Kow Abundant Mission Statement

Create a personal connection to your customers through heartfelt advertising. By educating your customers so they become your advocates we create lasting value while we offer constant improvement and optimization of your online advertising. Providing exceptional value and personal service is our goal, all on a fully-managed platform at an affordable price for your small business. Kow Abundant: Online Advertising right to your customers.

  1. Connection – We strive to connect people with your business on a deep and personal level to drive lasting customer relationships

  2. Heartfelt – We listen to business owners and want to help small businesses succeed. We are local ourselves and know working together is how we get ahead.

  3. Education – We educate customers, because an informed customer will be an advocate for your business promoting you to all their friends. Be a part of the tribe

  4. Lasting Value – We optimize all campaigns and believe that things can always be better. Our features can’t be beat and our competitors can’t match what we offer at our price-point. We care about small businesses and just like you, we care about the bottom line by asking the driving question, “Is this helping me reach the right customers?”

  5. Constant Improvement – We check, update, and tweak campaigns daily. We also provide you with full access to your campaigns along with a convenient mobile app. We believe in constant improvements using a goal-oriented approach to track progress.

What is your mission statement? Leave a comment below and share this article if you found it useful.

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