Kow Abundant Named Top Digital Marketing Company in Ohio

Kow Abundant has been named a top SEO Company in Ohio and a top digital marketing company in Ohio by DesignRush. DesignRush is an online guide to finding the best professional companies and agencies categorized according to vertical and area of expertise with experts in states across the nation. After evaluating and analyzing Kow Abundant’s […]

April 2021 SEO Newsletter

Kow Abundant’s April 2021 SEO Newsletter

April Healing Already April has been a time of healing for us. After recovering from a bad bout of food poisoning we are all healed and back in action. It was a rough start for sure but now we look at the warmer temperatures and remind ourselves to slow down and not get too excited […]

Google Ads no longer using cookies - what it means

Google Ads No Longer Uses Cookies – What it means

Google Ads first mentioned that it would stop tracking users back in 2019 when it announced Privacy Sandbox. This represents a major change from how Google targets users moving away from session-based and individual tracking to what they call FLoC. FLoC tracks users using event-based and group-focused signals. This means that users will be put […]

Google Ads targeting household income

How Google Ads determines Income

You can use Google Ads to target people based on household income. Household income ad targeting allows you to further breakdown demographics of your potential customers using Google Ads. Google often suggests to leave income targeting open but in certain cases, it can be beneficial to use income targeting in Google Ads. Google’s household income […]

How To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

How To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

It happened to me, Credit Card fraud occurs every day. It is ironic that I just recently watched Catch Me If you Can and then was a victim of fraud. I consider myself very lucky as I was able to catch it fast and what they took I could handle but not everyone is so […]