Barber giving a nice fresh shave

What Fulfills You? Finding Beauty In Unlikely Places

I enjoy a good straight razor shave. Years ago, I started buying fancy razors and trying them all out and seeing which was the best. I stuck with a blade made in Isreal called Personna. It always gives me a clean smooth shave that my wife enjoys. The thing I enjoy about shaving is that it forces you to be mindful. If you aren’t paying attention before you know it you nick yourself and a little blood starts pouring out. Shaving requires complete focus and being present to get it right. Otherwise you get bumps, blood, and burns on your face. To me, nothing beats warm water on my face in the morning with some sweet smelling soap all lathered up and a nice clean fresh shave. I highly recommend a double edge safety razor with a good set of blades.

This isn’t really about shaving though. It’s about finding something that fulfills you, it could be something innocuous in your morning routine, and seeing the beauty in it.

Let me know what fulfills you that you give a new appreciation for below in the comments section.

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