April SEO Newsletter, Google ads competition is very high. More future predictions and how to win!

Competition is High, Future Predictions

Google Ads Competition is Very High, See our Future Predictions Here

This month finds Kow Abundant growing! We have hired a new SEO/PPC person and are looking to add even more. This is due to increased demand but it is long overdue. We want to offer great services to our customers and keep the level of service as high as possible. Moving into April we see great potential but also lots of changes and challenges on the SEO and PPC side.

Many businesses are seeing negative growth after the recent March Broad Core update to Google; something we monitor closely. We have seen impacts on our clients due to this as well as increased competition across many industries in Columbus Ohio. We fully predicted this back in January when we encouraged many clients to keep or increase their ad spend and budgets so that the new wave of competition now would not hurt so much.

We expect increases in interest for SEO, PPC, and Google Ads from now until the end of October as evidenced by the following chart from last year’s trend data.

| Columbus SEO Company Image

For the future, Columbus Businesses that focus on SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and SEM will be strong as it ever increases. There will be many changes now to 2025 in terms of regulations of big tech including the possible banning of TikTok which we talk about more later. Google is also facing lawsuits from the DOJ still and issues over ChatGPT and Ai are ever-present.

These advances are truly astounding and will continue to shape the future of how businesses communicate with their customers. As a forward-thinking company, we made major investments in 2019 in both video and virtual online meetings. In fact, in January 2020 we moved over 90% of our meetings to be online only. Now we see, our video investments prior were clearly the right direction to go toward.

As we look to the future, we see Ai and ChatGPT as another major breakthrough. Google will also be pushing more of its product stack with Bard (Ai) including Gmail, Youtube, and even Google Search. As a company, we are experimenting with Ai but do not feel comfortable yet to fully implement its use for our clients. Should that change we will let you all know.

Columbus Ohio business’s future is very bright and we look forward to expanding our company and working with you even more in 2023 and beyond! Let’s Moo Forward together.

We are hiring, careers in content creation, video, and marketing, go to Kowabundant.com/JOBS to apply.

If you or someone you knows has the marketing chops we are looking for then inquire on our website at kowabundant.com/jobs

UpCity Announces local excellence award winners and Kow Abundant was selected as a winner!

Kow Abundant wins top honors, winner of 3 major SEO awards. Local Excellence award winner from Upcity.com. Expertise.com named a top SEO agency in Columbus. Also, winner of SocialAppsHQ top 3 Facebook Marketing agencies.

Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter below for more detailed answers. Here they are.

1. What Are The Most Powerful SEO Changes From Your Experience?
– Authority-driven link building that includes videos and podcasts are very important.
– The most important is really to wrap your head around your business and methodology for why you are doing this and how does everything you do online help your customers grow?
– As long as you think about that with every video you make, every blog you write, every new product you create, you will be fine and be seen as a high authority by Google.
– Beyond this, there are many technical elements that can help shape your SEO which Kow Abundant helps with.

2. How does Google use time on the page as a ranking factor without proper measuring?
– This is long debated and is suggested is not as important as it used to be. That being said it is needed to show that you have a reliable website that people spend time on and find answers to their questions on your site and can be used for your own analytics research.
– Google’s John Mueller repeated it, the time spent on a page by your users is not a factor Google uses for ranking. Time spent on the page is not a Google ranking factor, he said, “It doesn’t,” meaning Google doesn’t care about time spent on the page for ranking purposes.

3. What are the most crucial on-page optimization factors for SEO in 2023?
– Great User experience, great page structure or a website that makes sense to your customer and leads to more sales which you should do anyway right?
– Excellent backlinks and articles about your company from other sources are very positive to show authority. This is like old school PR for your business. You need interviews or podcasts or articles about your company so that you can show you are a local authority in your designated space to get more interest and higher ranking on Google.
– Google is really pushing authority now in a world where everyone has a social media page this makes sense. Few do all of this well with podcasts, videos, interviews, from different sources, coupled with a great website all makes you an E-A-T winner. The EAT means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Although it is not a ranking factor it is an important methodology to learn and focus on when evaluating the business impact on new web initiatives you pursue.

4. What are some suggestions for off-page SEO?
– It’s all about building your brand authority. This includes podcasts, videos, interviews, articles about your company, social media posts, PR, and backlinks to name a few.
– The same principles of having a good business brand recognition apply here. You want to be an authority in real life so that Google believes you to be an authority on Google. Example, if you focus on serving customers in Columbus Ohio then you want to mix and mingle with other Columbus businesses and worth together to get backlinks and be a positive force on local websites so that when people search for a business like yours in your area you have a higher likelihood of ranking.

We are hiring, go to Kowabundant.com/hiring to apply

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If you have any questions or would like this kind of help please contact us at Kowabundant.com/contact

Watch the full video below


Google Rolls Out March 2023 Core Algorithm Update
Top 3 Tips for staying on the good side of the Algorithm Update 
1. Check your website Metrics often
2. Make sure you are creating high-quality content
3. Optimize the website SEO and make sure everything is updated and correct with your accurate business info.

Google’s March broad core update finished – started March 13th, biggest update in 2 years & the most volatile. Many everywhere reporting changes in rankings.

Google is getting rid of similar audiences
3 Things you should know

1. In May similar audience segments will stop being generated
2. In August all similar audience segments will be removed from all ad groups and campaigns
3. Google is moving forward with adding more automation to help advertisers connect with relevant audiences and provide customers with more privacy.

Major Tip for Optimizing your business listing on Bing 
-Add keywords to your business name to help with your Bing ranking. This can cause your website ranking to increase over time.

Things to Prevent with a Bing Maps Listing
-Avoiding Keyword stuffing. Bing will recognize that and not display what you enter
-Don’t add location or former business names to the listing. Bing recognizes that as spam
-Avoid Keyword stuffing in Business name

Artificial Intelligence is a huge trend for SEO
AI continues to take over and learn new things. It will continue to change and improve over time.

Read More here to see why AI is an SEO trend and Other trends to watch for. 


4 Ways to Drive More Traffic to your Website
1. Create a Business Blog
2. Create content on topics relevant to your Audience
3. Create Exciting Headlines
4. Be creative with Your Visuals


Import your customer list data to Google Ads for a much-needed boost in conversions moving forward. Google is getting rid of similar audiences which will affect many businesses that use Google Ads.

Google encrypts your data and only uses it to match your list to similar audiences moving forward to get you more conversions. They do not take or use your data otherwise. This move is for increased privacy on the consumer side.


Google sending mass emails about Data-driven attribution switch on 4/13/23 (see image) https://bit.ly/switchDDA

There Will be a significant impact on Google on those who don’t migrate to GA4
If you haven’t switched from UA properties to GA4 Properties by July 1st. Google Analytics will stop providing updated Data.

There are 4 New Rules for PPC & Creatives
1. Design creatives for specific funnels and audiences
2. Use different ad formats
3. Consider short attention spans
4. Test and Adjust your creatives

This month’s charity to support is
Sunrise Sanctuary & Besa in Columbus Ohio

Sunrise Sanctuary in Marysville
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Besa Columbus Volunteer Opportunities
630c5e94 7c71 ac23 c441 9f94b155726f | Columbus SEO Company Image
Each month we sponsor a charity and invite you to join us in donating. This month we are donating to two charities. Sunrise Sanctuary helps take care of formerly abused animals in Marysville Ohio. Also, Besa which is located in the German Village area of Columbus. They connect people with the community through experiences that transform lives. Join us in donating to this great organization.
See ways you can help locally in Columbus including volunteering opportunities at https://impact.besa.org/
Donate to Sunrise Sanctuary
Find Volunteer Opportunities with Besa Columbus

This Month In Memes

Recently I just finished a great beach vacation that was great to replenish and refresh my tank. As a business owner, I did my best to actually go on vacation and leave what I could to the team.59590b82 67ba 6944 620d 6283739bf6c4 | Columbus SEO Company Image
Returning from work found lots of client demands and catchup to get everything back to speed. Overall things were handled well while away.
433c2b71 5624 6c48 6938 2121f84c5938 | Columbus SEO Company Image

GA4 is coming closer and closer for small businesses. For businesses that aren’t ready this will derail a lot of campaigns. We work with all our clients to be ready prior to July for this big event upcoming.d2c654df da71 62f9 5a17 b4ca7ddf27ee | Columbus SEO Company Image

The Thermostat Podcast
Listen to the Thermostat Podcast with all new episodes on work culture and leadership in 2023.
The Thermostat Podcast with Jason Barger. A workplace culture and leadership podcast going 150+ episodes strong

The Thermostat Podcast with Jason Barger. A workplace culture and leadership podcast going 150+ episodes strong

Thanks for reading! Please comment below with any questions.

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