Google Ads issues with some clients due to GA4.

Google Ads causes Woes for some clients, We’ve Expanded Services & Pricing!

Clients are seeing decreased performance after the GA4 updates last month as we expected.
Kow Abundant is offering new highly competitive services. 

Kow Abundant is growing, as the top SEO company in Columbus we evaluated and updated our offerings to be class-leading and ahead-of-the-pack so they better-fit today’s marketing needs for clients. As such we have updated our services and offerings to clients.

These new updates include custom Ai content created for clients and improving our elite package to offer more options that businesses need in today’s competitive marketing environment. We have added options for Instagram/FB ads and offer better SEO services for clients as we hire more people.

New pricing and updated services can be found on our pricing page
This will not affect pricing for plans just prior to this update.

Proud to announce we are a selection for local8. We are 2023 local excellence award winners for the 3rd year in a row from UpCity!

Many small businesses have seen decreases in Google Ads efficiency with costs increasing. This is in part due to the shifts to GA4 which occurred officially in July 2023 and were going on in 2023. We even noted the coming storm of all the changes we saw back in November of 2022. Even going as far as to announce in April 2022 that all our client accounts would be migrated to GA4.

We recommend clients put some money into Facebook/Instagram and social efforts as well as more blogging and SEO during this time over the next few months. We expect the volatility to be lower come fall/winter 2023.

We look forward to the months ahead and are advising our clients to diversify their ad strategy as Google figures out the “growing pains” stage with Bard (Ai search) and the GA4 transition affecting Google Ads performance.

We are hiring, careers in content creation, video, and marketing, go to to apply.

If you or someone you knows has the marketing chops we are looking for then inquire on our website at

Announcing the 2023 UpCity Excellence Award Winners

Winner of Local Excellence Award 3rd year in a row!

Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter below for more detailed answers. Here they are.

1. Is it really special when marketing companies say Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo? Do those platforms matter?
– In some ways, No, because the majority of search is dominated so heavily by the big players like Google who dominates at 93% market share, Google Market Share Stats.

2. My current marketing company has access to my domains, landing page, ads, and Google Analytics, can you get access to them for me?
– It depends, the problem here is you gave the keys to your kingdom for the sake of convenience but now that things went south you need the access and you cant. We can always ask or you can but often they simply won’t give it to you as per your contract. In this case, we often try our best to get access but if not we create new properties for you which we can do.

3. My current marketing company lists my CTR at 0.05% this seems low, is this good or not?
– This is considered very low. Even according to Google’s low standards of 0.10% for display being a good campaign it is low. At Kow Abundant we like our campaigns to be 0.5%-0.8% and more likely from 1-2% CTR for display ads. So we recommend contacting us or figuring out your targeting as there is some problems there.

4. Shoud I create a my own youtube channel for my business?
– Yes, we recommend this and to build your youtube brand. You can add mamagers, control your views and how you look on youtube, and take control of your videos online. One of the biggest advantages is to control your brand with your own custom named youtube account.

5. Do you use ChatGPT for SEO or marketing?
– Yes, we use ChatGPT and also have labs access to many of the new Ai tools out there. We constantly use and test these tools to know what is going on in SEO. Some of the tools we use include ChatGPT, midjourney for images, Bard, Bing Chat, Ai text to video, and more. It is important to stay current and that is what we do as a Columbus SEO company. Ai is a growing field, we recently were part of SMX marketing conference which had VP’s from Google and Microsoft talking about Ai and how it relates to search and their plans for the future.

6. How often should I send emails to my mailing list?
– If you are getting good open rates then you can try sending more often to see how that works for your customers. If you rates decline or if you get more unsubscribes then you should lower your send frequency. We generally say once per month is good for larger content and if you are sending smaller updates them 2 times per month is okay to try. Make your emails relevant and tailored to your audience and you will find higher open rates over time as your list improves. Be sure to actively promote your newsletter too and encourage people to subscribe. Also, send emails to your current client list.

7. How can I promote my videos?
– Treat videos as marketing holistically or part of a whole. This means that a video is just one part. From there, post the video on many social platforms, and even edit the video to be different for different platforms. For example, the audience on tiktok is different than the audience on LinkedIn. You would not want to post your tiktoks on LinkedIn generally as it would not fit the more professional audience. Then create a blog post talking more about the video on your website. You can include links and go into further detail than a reel. For shorts or reels it is just the tip of the iceberg, think about the content and diving deep to expand the topic using a longer form video that you can place on youtube or embed that video on your website in a blog post with more written detail about he video.
– General promotion is possible through Google Ads which we do at Kow Abundant. To better promote a video use Google Ads and promote on Youtube. It can reach a larger audience like Youtube TV, RokuTV, Pluto, and other platforms.

8. When you talk about Youtube Shorts, what is the length and what is that like?
– Youtube shorts are very popular, Youtube shorts are a max length of 60 seconds of vertical (phone size) video. We often recommend them to be shorter, very concise, and interesting. A good length for a Youtube short is 15 seconds but if you need more time to make a point that is fine.

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If you have any questions or would like this kind of help please contact us at

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Google says AI articles based on top trending searches not first person content.

Reviews created using Ai considered Spam by Google

Bing Chat upgrade only at 30%, taking longer than expected

GA4 adoption at 23% according to survey. Only 23% fully use GA4.

Google dropping Sitemap Ping support in Search console – see alternate ways


Facebook has seen a big increase in hacked accounts. Be sure to use 2FA (2 Factor) authentication by clicking on your profile, go to settings, See more in accounts center, passwords and security, Two Factor Authentication, Authentication App (recommended!).

Download the Microsoft Authenticator App (free). Hit the plus sign and take a picture of the screen to add it to your app. Verify. Done.


Google testing links in Generative Ai search ad results

Google Ads “Bug” showing too many ads in search results

Google Ads trademark policy becoming more complex for users.

Google Ads tests new local ad format, showing more ads near you that are verified.

Buy on Google going away in Sept – will take users to actual checkout page

This month’s charity to support is
Special Olympics Ohio

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Each month we sponsor a charity and invite you to join us in donating. This month we are donating to Special Olympics Ohio. We have family members that are participants and it is “the best place of humanity all at once”. Support this great cause with us in Columbus.

Donate to Special Olympics Ohio

This Month In Memes

The Hoff
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Here is a local one from 3rd and Virginia, the bars in Grandview have hired a marketing genius!

A meme of a sign for a local bar in grandview Ohio that offers free beers, and scantily-clad bartenders and false advertising

It can be a hard truth that you can’t buy email lists. You have to earn them through deligent work and continuous memes in your monthly newsletters.
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Sir, we have crafted a custom marketing strategy for you involving your website, custom conversions, Google Ads, Youtube video, and display ads to targeted users… Client: My son mentioned Youtube too, I think Ill have my son make me some videos on Youtube instead.
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Who is your customer?  Client: “They are everybody, age 20-85…”

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The Thermostat Podcast
Listen to the Thermostat Podcast with all new episodes on work culture and leadership in 2023.
The Thermostat Podcast with Jason Barger. A workplace culture and leadership podcast going 150+ episodes strong

The Thermostat Podcast with Jason Barger. A workplace culture and leadership podcast going 150+ episodes strong

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