Where did the term branding come from?

Where did the term branding come from?

The term “branding” came from a cow, of course! The term comes from Old Norse Brandr or to burn. Instances of branding date back 6,000 years ago from the ancient Eqyptians.

Farmers would brand their cattle as a way to keep track of them. From there, the idea of ownership and branding were connected. Michelangelo was one of the early artists to sign works with his own name. Branding has evolved over time from trademarks in the 1800s, the first TV commercial by Bulova in 1941, to social media brands and videos of today. This seems to bridge the gap from advertising to infotainment.

Egyptian farmers in the Neolithic period 5,000-6,000 years ago ( Image: Antiguo Egipto/Wikimedia Commons)

Egyptian farmers in the Neolithic period 5,000-6,000 years ago ( Image: Antiguo Egipto/Wikimedia Commons)

Just as the Bulova TV commercial of 1941 and the popular commercials of the 1950s changed the game, no doubt during that time people thought it was a crazy idea to spend money on such innovations as many were unsure of the relevancy of social media in the last 2 decades. We have reached another paradigm shift as brands are looking to be more socially conscious.

The best way to teach others about your products or services is through education. That’s why we are big proponents of video and podcasts as well as blogs to get the word across in a more enlightened way than most of the now common 5-second blurbs give you on most platforms. Remember, it’s perfectly fine to step back, breathe, and reflect on what you are doing and why you are doing it, especially if it is your brand! Brands can burn but they don’t have to.

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Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter Here for more details.

1. What is a click what is an impression? What do they mean?
– A click is an actual click on an ad or item on your website.
– An impression is a view and not a click. It means someone saw this content or button or image etc but does not include clicks.

2. I’ve used Google ads on auto in the past, how is your service different?
– Our service is fully managed and never automated. Google Ads by default uses a lot of automation for campaigns. We have the full version of Google Ads that go beyond Google Ads Express or what most people starting out use. Our service is custom-tailored for your business and we check it manually to make sure campaigns perform as they should. Every campaign is custom focused on conversions and we never do performance max campaigns or ones that do everything at once. We are able to see improvements 4X vs doing it yourself and oftentimes way more!

3. Should I start SEO now before new business or wait?
– Start early but with a caveat, you want to know what your business is and what it is all about. SEO just because is not really a solution. You want to build a “brand” and understand what that means for you. What is your business? What is it all about? Is it a socially conscious business? Why should people care about it? Why do you care about it? Start with why expand from there.
– Afraid to start and get clients too soon, clients worried about too much work. This is very common and also what I believe is a misconception of advertising. Advertising does not just enable the floodgates of business because you have limits, whether it is budgetary, your time, or what you produce, there are limits to you putting yourself out there. Are there instances where someone puts something out there and it goes viral, yes but those are so small so just don’t even think about that. Plus, if you have too much business, that is a very good thing and why you are doing business, is to have business, so go for it!

4. Why are some auction insights not showing in there? Only a few competitors listed?
Overlap rate is how often a competitors’ ads show over yours per impression. This is how Google determines your competitors. There are other metrics but at the basic, if another advertiser keeps showing versus you in bid auctions then Google will say you are competing against them therefore you are competitors.
Reasons, why not all competitors show, is they might not be advertising or they aren’t using your keywords or they are advertising in other areas that you are. The exact reasons are another Google trade secret but generally, the reasons above are why.

5. How to choose a good domain name for seo
– Domains should be short, memorable, easy to read or understand, and available. If you don’t have a .com available, consider another domain like .net. Often you can have part of your name and the city you are in. It is a good idea to have your domain be your business name or as close as you can get. You can try out domain names and see what is available at namecheap.com If you need help with a name as we actual consult with companies to come up with great domain names contact KowAbundant.com

6. My domain is gone, what happened?
– Domains are like renting a building, you don’t own them, you rent them. So if you don’t pay your rent, you get kicked out, the same for domain names. They have an expiratory date. You can check the expires and original purchase date on any domain by the WHOIS data. Sites like https://www.godaddy.com/whois provide data on websites for when the domain expires. You can even poach domains this way and wait for a lapse the next time a domain expiry comes around. Oftentimes, if a domain is not really used once it expires anyone can buy it for themselves. Many companies autorenew domains before they expire for this reason. It never looks good to lose your domain and have everything down or have to get a new domain, that means new business cards, email footers, and headaches.
If you have any questions or would like this kind of help please contact us at Kowabundant.com/contact

7. Do people search for businesses on social media? Like Instagram or others?
– Most people do not search for businesses on social media. The best way to get in front of people is to produce great content for those platforms. This often includes videos and posting often so that you are top of mind to people looking at social media. Remember, ABP, Always Be Postin’.
– Kow Abundant offers 2 social media services for customers, the first is our social media posting service which includes a calendar of posts and custom graphics for businesses to up to 4 platforms.
– The second is our new Video social media service which is only $299 per month and has us film pieces for your social media and then get them posted online for you. See more here https://kowabundant.com/pricing/

8. Are Google maps ads organic, you mentioned there are paid maps listings too?
– Yes, Google maps allows local maps placement ads for businesses. Most listings are organic with maps. Occasionally for some keywords there might be promoted listings, this is based on the bidding structure for some keywords. Also, within the maps app some listings can be featured more that are paid. Overall, most listings are organic but there paid listings sometimes show.
– Kow Abundant offers Google maps local ads for businesses as a way to standout when people search for businesses online. Contact us at kowabundant.com/contact for more.

If you have any questions or would like this kind of help please contact us at Kowabundant.com/contact

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Small business search trends report for 2022.
https://www.searchenginejournal.com/small-business-search-trends-on-the-rise-in-2022/456359/SEO NEWS
Search Engine Journal: Keywords Hidden For 46% Of Google Search Console Clicks: Ahrefs Study.
https://www.searchenginejournal.com/hidden-keywords-gsc-ahrefs-study/455615/PRO TIP
Update your business hours including holiday closures using Google Maps app.GOOGLE ADS NEWS
Google Ads says they do not allow firearms content, but ads do run as seen in this report.

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This Month in Memes

It takes great skill to mess up this bad.
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Advertising is about signs
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Always check your advertising copy

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Baseball coaches and business owners think similarly

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Has this happened to you?
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We think way too hard about these memes sometimes.
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