June Newsletter from Kow abundant. Sitting in front of the owners car with custom license plate shows off what is a purple Kow?

June Small Business Newsletter

Exactly what is a purple cow?

Pictured above is my license plate, it reads, “PRPL KOW” which refers to a purple cow. So what exactly is a purple cow? The phrase comes from marketing icon, Seth Godin, it means that businesses need to find their purple cow or something truly unique about the business that sets them apart from others. It is on my license plate because it is a great reminder of what makes us all special and why are we here; plus it is a great conversation starter. Just last week someone stopped and asked what the purple cow meant!

I spoke directly with Seth when first creating my business and helped come up with the name Kow Abundant, more on that here. Watch Seth explain the importance of the purple cow for small businesses here in this video.

So as you go about your day, take a moment and ask yourself, “what is your purple cow?” What makes you truly unique?

If you or someone you knows has the marketing chops we are looking for then inquire on our website at kowabundant.com/hiring

UpCity Announces local excellence award winners and Kow Abundant was selected as a winner!

Recently Named a 2022 Local Excellence Award Winner from UpCity

2022 Best SEO Agency Award
Columbus Ohio!


Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter Here for more details.

1. Are Google Maps image photo view counts accurate? I get emails saying I have 9K views on some images?
– How Google counts these image views is if they are a profile photo for your business. So if you have a popular business it is possible you get many impressions/views. Remember, a view is not the same as a click or actual interest in your image. It is just what Google uses to show on the SERP for various searches and this includes image searches.
– This particular example email states that of the 36 photos you have a total of 9.7K views across all photos total not for 1 photo.
Google shows some images in your profile and when people search your business the image pops up. This is counted as a view but different from a straight view as you might think. It’s not someone looking through your photos like they do on Facebook or Instagram but instead if it appears in SERP (search engine results page).

2. What phone do you use? Is it a Google phone?
– Why yes, it is a Google Phone. In fact, I just got a new Google Pixel. I switched from iPhone to Google almost 3 years ago as it worked better for the work we do being in the Google ecosystem and the amazing voice assistant was a bonus. The camera takes superior images but the video is decent. The killer feature on these phones is the price. At only $449, it’s a steal and I wish more smartphones we’re this price and quality.

3. What are your thoughts of video editing programs like Descript?
– Years ago, when I first started in video editing, I used iMovie which was free and I used another program called Vegas video which I loved. I made a lot of fun and unique projects using that software. So if you find software or something that you try and you like then great. Use it, it can help you share something that otherwise you might not have.
– That being said, those tools are not industry standards which can be okay for simple videos. Just be aware that in the future you might not have long term access to these projects in their current form. If you can get to a point where you use Premiere Pro or Final Cut these tools have been around a long time and best of all, other pro videographers use them and can assist your efforts.
– Nowadays people edit video on their phone using simple tools so it is okay to try tools out and see what you like just don’t expect other people to be able to edit or use them.

4. Can you target by age on Facebook?
Yes, you can target by age on Facebook for most posts and ads. There are some limitations in certain sectors however like housing, credit/lending, and crypto/gambing, etc that have limited targeting options.
Notes on limited targeting sectors, housing, credit, employment – https://www.facebook.com/business/help/2220749868045706See policy details here https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

If you have any questions or would like this kind of help please contact us at Kowabundant.com/contact

Watch the SEO Video For more detailed answers

Search Engine Journal: YouTube’s Keyword Research Tool Available To Everyone This Month.
Google Core Update May 25th. It Impacts small businesses and search rankings. Overall, we have seen boosts in client results with this update. Google does broad core updates a few times per year. The previous update was in November 2021 and July 2021 before that. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-may-2022-core-update-33482.htmlGoogle says a slower website does not necessarily result in lower rankings. However in our experience this is not fully accurate.More businesses less likely to use GA4, citing older analytics version is better supported. This a chicken or egg scenario as one cannot gain traction without more people using it but people arent using it because it doesn’t have traction at the moment.PRO-TIP
Ask for and respond quickly to Google Reviews. Google reviews are very important for local business SEO. Ask your customers to use your top keywords in your review for added SEO benefit.GOOGLE ADS NEWS
Google Marketing Live kicked off and showed more updates to Google search including more visual ads and more immersive AR based searches coming in 2022+. They have also been updating the https://youtu.be/tayMq0eRtpI?t=959New e-commerce features include Checkout on Merchant. Allows Google shopping to instantly add items to cart and then send user to your checkout page from Google shopping pages. https://youtu.be/tayMq0eRtpI?t=3988Digital ad revenue jumps 35%, biggest increase since 2006 https://www.wsj.com/articles/digital-ad-revenue-jumped-35-in-the-u-s-last-year-biggest-gain-since-2006-11649759401Congressional bill to breakup Google As business proposed, Facebook on chopping block too https://www.wsj.com/articles/gop-led-legislation-would-force-breakup-of-googles-ad-business-11652969185

This month’s charity to support is Franklinton Cycle Works

Each month we support a charity and donate to it. This month we encourage you to Franklinton Cycle Works. They help the local community and provide bicycles for those in need.

Click the link to donate with us!

Franklin Cycle works volunteer working on fixing a local bike

Franklin Cycle works volunteer working on fixing a local bike


This Month in Memes

Genius viral idea? No problem!

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Just put it all together!

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This is Kow Abundant!

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A common phrase in business is you or me? Implying, will you be nice and do this, please?

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When a small business owner applies for a bank loan.

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Many businesses are not updating analytics because businesses are not using GA4?!?! What?

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Jason V Barger releasing the new book, Breathing Oxygen on August 2nd, 2022 Thermostat Podcast Featuring Jason Barger

New book lauches August 2nd!

The audiobook and full book coming soon from Jason Barger!
Listen to the podcast to improve your team
Click Here to listen to the podcast.



Thanks for reading! Please comment below with any questions.

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