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SEO Newsletter for June 2021

June Editorial from Kow Abundant

The cicadas are out and Google, Facebook, and Apple have bugs of their own to deal with. Apple’s recent changes with auto opted-out user-tracking have accelerated the cookie-less world that was coming in 2022 to now.

At the Google marketing event in late May, Google focused on the Privacy of users by introducing Consent-Mode in the UK & Europe. For advertisers, the changes in We go into lots of detail this month in our video all about it.

Content is king and is the future. These changes by big tech prove that. Small businesses should lean in as much as possible to creating brand content and getting users to sign up via email (first-party data) to their services. This means it’s finally time to dust off your newsletters, blogs, and social media posting skills and start now!

Kow Abundant recently launched a new social media management service to help businesses schedule post content, analyze competitors’ top posts, and help boost targeted pixel conversion-based posts. Growing your audience and controlling your own reach is now key.

Kow Abundant is hiring a digital marketing manager/associate, if you’ve got SEO and Google Ads chops then contact us at

Pictured is a backdrop of downtown Columbus Ohio skyscrapers with text that reads Kow Abundant Wins Best SEO Expert Award in Columbus in 2021 along with an image of the award with roselands on each side, a prestigious award for the young growing agency in Columbus.

Kow Abundant just won our 6th major award for 2021. named us a best SEO Expert in Columbus!

As a top Columbus SEO company, we work hard to achieve lasting results for our clients using proven SEO techniques that deliver better rankings.

It is wonderful to be honored in this way. Read the full article and release here.

“We want to thank our amazing clients for helping us achieve this great honor and for giving us the opportunity to help grow their businesses over the years.”


Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter Here for more details.

1. What is Facebook business manager and how can I add a person to my Facebook ads account?
– Facebook Business Manager is a way for advertisers and users to have more control over their ad and business account. Using business manager gives you lots of options for user control, ad customizations, and campaign features like controlling your Facebook pixel. It is for advertising agencies or businesses that have multiple users that want more control in their business accounts. There is a learning curve and this is more of an enterprise-level product.
– To add people, go to Facebook Account settings and click on “Add People” to add a person to your ads account. Make sure you have valid payment info added. Then we can boost posts for you using our SEM tools.

2. I had heard that Apple will no longer allow device retargeting, does this affect my ads?
– Apple and Facebook have been in a bitter battle with privacy and advertising.
– Current ads are not affected, Google has a multi-billion dollar agreement to be Apple’s exclusive search provider for Siri and Safari, and users are still tracked on Google sites. Sites like Youtube, Gmail, general search ads, and even the multitude of sites connected through GA4 and analytics are not affected. So don’t lose sleep over it.
– Content is king. Consider investing in social media articles that catch people’s attention. Articles like “How this person got or went from…” Share well on social. Invest in what social truly is, sharing articles and stories and engaging with people online through interactive media. Make it creative, engaging, educational, and fun.
– Focus on results and don’t be too salesy with your pieces. Other methods include strong email campaigns, have an ongoing video strategy, update your customers with video updates about your business. The videos we have seen with the highest view time and engagement are the fun and silly videos that also educate people.
– Have an active blog where you can share content.
– Contact Kow Abundant or your account rep to see about our social media posting service where we help you schedule and create content as well as properly boost social posts.

3. I see some high bounce rates from certain links in analytics results, should I block these? Are they spam?
– Google Analytics makes it a point to point to block spam by the fact that spambots actually don’t read Javascript so they won’t show in Analytics results. This means that the 100% or high bounce rates you see are, in fact, actual people clicking on your page. That doesn’t mean they still could not be spammers paid to do so but they are actual people. I would evaluate this source and monitor it along with avg. session duration to see if it is someone you want to keep or not in results. If not, then you can use a filter in Google Analytics to block them from displaying in results.

4. Should I remove my COVID update on my website as more places start opening up fully again?
– At this time, COVID updates will not affect your SEO and can be removed if you wish. See advice from your state and local guidelines to be compliant.

5. Does Google do new algorithms monthly, quarterly?
– Google has said they do 10+ search updates every day! Core updates come every few months or quarterly and major updates every 2 years or so. No hard and fast rules but are what we have seen. Consult your SEO pro if you have more questions about staying on top of them or check out Search Engine Roundtable for the latest Google update news.

6. How should I optimize my 15 or 30 sec Youtube ads? Are people able to click to my site from the video?
– Youtube ads are all about exposure and awareness vs clicks. Video ads will drive fair fewer clicks compared to display. You can use video with your display ads in Google Ads. Optimize your videos by having the core info the first 5 seconds like contact or the sale info or stunning visuals first. Many people may only see the first 5-10 seconds so be quick then drive it home.
– People can click on a link you decide as well as a button like View More or Contact to see more info as well.

7. Can you improve my SEO? I use a site builder like one from Wix or Godaddy and have a basic website
– Site builders are great to get things started when you first begin to get a website quickly that looks pretty decent. If you are asking the question about improving your SEO then it is probably time to upgrade your website to WordPress or something more powerful.
– Site builders are pretty terrible for SEO. They don’t allow users to customize code, no site tracking for button clicks, analytics integration is very basic, and usually, they look pretty basic as well.
– WordPress sites open things up to improve your SEO and better showcase your business. We use WordPress ourselves and it has served us well for SEO which is why we also recommend them to clients. It gives you far greater control over your site, the backend, and your SEO rankings building a stronger foundation to help you grow even more.

Watch the SEO Video For more detailed answers


New payment threshold dates and max charges plus new max monthly spend option

Google Direct Link


Google updates Customer Match, Performance Max campaigns, the Insights page and product feeds at its Marketing Livestream event.

Search Engine Land Article Link


Google had its Google Marketing event. It detailed new changes and updates for Google Ads as well as updates and the importance of user privacy. Google still plans to use FLoC at this time for 2022.

Apple and Google Ads, little will actually change with ads, watch the video. Google can still track everything on first-party data like search, Gmail, Youtube, and even other sites linked with Federated Cohorts GA4 tracking enabled.
Watch this exceptional video breakdown from Rene Richie 


Search Engine Land: Google Ads announces privacy-focused changes for Analytics, Tag Manager, and enhanced conversions.
Search Engine Land Article

Google announced consent mode rolling out in UK and Europe markets. This works when people don’t consent to using cookies and instead uses machine learning predictions to group users into anonymous segments for marketers to still potentially advertise to those customers.


Google will release a new core web vitals update in Mid-June. This is a mid-scale update that focuses on page loading speed, page experience, and mobile usability as a tie-breaker for rankings.

Search Engine Journal: Google’s Last-Minute Advice On The Page Experience Update.
Article Link


Update & repurpose old articles on your website to increase SEO, update older articles to give them new life, and increase rankings.  How do you ask? Update links, dates, and relevant information on your articles. Google loves it when you update your website and will give you a rankings boost!

This month’s charity is
GoFundMe benefit for Cancer for Ryan Horn

This month's charity is to benefit Ryan Horn, a close personal friend Ryan Horn who was diagnosed with Cancer. Pictured is him, mid 30's, white male, beard, with his 2 small children.

Click the image to donate

Each month we support a charity and donate to it. This month we encourage you to click here to donate to our personal friend Ryan Horn who was diagnosed with cancer.


This Month in Memes

Facebook is making this worse than it is.

Pictured is a meme, Will Smith from the movie Legend, behind the scenes showing a man in a green FX suit holding a scary looking dog head as a hand puppet attacking Will Smith. Smith is crying for help. Facebook is making things worse than it really is with its feud with Apple.

Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg sit down for a friendly meeting. What could go wrong!?

Pictured is a meme. Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg sit down to talk, what could possibly go wrong? But Zuckerberg is Voldemort and Tim Cook is Professor Dumbledore from Harry Potter sitting down together.

Marketing managers and creators doing all the heavy lifting but get none of the love. Such is life.

Pictured is a meme. Behind the scenes of the Matrix with the main actors Neo and Trinity in front of a greenscreen and 2 FX green men holding boards behind them to make them look cool when they bend back dodging bullets. The meme says, SEOs are greenmen holding them up and the Matrix actors are customers who do one post on social media thinking they are so awesome. Like really? Marketing pros schedule out months of content creating tons of posts, monitoring and tracking but you think your one post is awesome?

Thanks for reading! Please comment below with any questions.

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