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Mindful music review – Hoops

The crowd cheered in Columbus, Ohio at Ace of Cups as the band opened their set. The band talked briefly to mention their song titles, “now we are going to play Gemini”. The crowd cheered even louder this time excited to hear what’s to come. A friend of mine, Mike, said he was going to see them play a few days prior so I rushed online to find their music. From the first few melodic notes I liked it. They are a mindful band that presents lyrics as positive as their poly-rhythms.

“When you try to start the day.

Something comes to bum you out.

Keeps your mind from thinking straight.

I know it’s hard but you’ll be alright.

Don’t think twice when it all goes wrong.”

On Top, Hoops

img 0263 | Columbus SEO Company Image Before taking the stage I wished the guitarist, “Good luck!”. He said thank you before getting into performance-mode. They share an energy of happiness to be in the present moment. They want you to go on a musical journey with them. The feelings were warm on stage, the crowd was young and filled with anticipation. The guitarists shared a quick hug before playing and it was a beautiful and true moment. Their reflection of happiness made it easy to love the band.

In the middle of their set I get a text from Mike, “I’m f%#ked…”.

He was upset that he would not be able to make the show due to work commitments at the late hour. A work emergency demanded his full attention and he could not leave. I missed my friend but tried to not let it spoil my evening and wished him the best and not to worry. Life has a way of finding the best times to barge in.

The show soon ended and I felt I had to purchase their LP Routines. I peer over to the merch table and see the LP’s list at $20. I reach into my pocket and I only have $13. I look at my bank account online and it says $-1.83. I decide to take a chance and wait in line after quite a few people making purchases. I introduce myself to Jack the rhythm guitarist. I begin to tell my story and the wheels in my head were spinning as I am a fan and really want an LP. The album looked beautiful and judging from the unique quality of their live show I knew the same care would be taken with their LP. So I say to Jack, “I only have $13 but I really want an album. How about I also write up a review of the concert for it?” Jack looks unsure at first saying, “no one’s ever done this before”. After looking me over he says, “you know what, that’s fine, let’s do it”. We make the exchange. Now not only do I have an LP but a unique story to tell. I don’t suggest people go doing this because bands need full support but I was very happy they could help me in a pinch and that I could return the favor with my talents.

img 0262 | Columbus SEO Company Image So go see Hoops band and check out their music on Bandcamp here and now. They are currently finishing up their tour to promote their latest album Routines which is phenomenal. Hoops is a part of Fat Possum Records.


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