October 2021 SEO Google Ads Spooky Newsletter

October SEO & Google Ads Newsletter

Spooky Search Trends

October doesn’t have to be spooky 🎃 for small businesses. This time of year lends itself to showing your Halloween spirit by being fun, creative, and inventive. From spine-chilling promos to fiendish culinary delights we may so indulge in this month, the Halloween spirit is at hand so don’t miss out!

Here are some interesting Google Trends data about when people start searching for certain holidays. All the holidays now have a longer shelf-life as people want to have a fun distraction and this trend will continue with other holidays this year. More people are searching earlier for major holidays and the time is here!
2b518e9e aae5 2d97 83d5 10e284488c9c | Columbus SEO Company ImageGet creative as a fun excuse to make entertaining content such as a petrifying monster, or shocking mad scientist who happens to tell tales of your product or service. Fall is also the time for great new recipes to share on social that warm the body and soul as the weather gets chillier.

Now is the time for fun holiday promos to share with your audience. Also below is a special product we helped launch on Indiegogo. See below.

Just Launched! HAWKeye.bike

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HAWKeye.Bike Just Launched on IndieGOGO!
Checkout this new bike product we just helped launch. Features vehicle detection & remote bike alarm Click Here to see

View HAWKeye.bike

Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter Here for more details.

1. How do I break up with my web designer?
– you will want to make sure you have access to everything, so passwords, and logins. You will also want backups.
– I also recommend if you can take a step back because usually if you have a cooling period to get new hosting lined up that helps a lot.
– sometimes it is easier to keep a hosting plan active only as that might save money. Usually, web designers make the hosting cost low cost to sway you into other services. So keep just this for the interim can work in your favor until you have other hosting lined up.
– email the web designer, say why you are making the change if you wish.
– you might need help with the migration of the site and you will more than likely still need their help so keep things nice.

2. We have been getting emails about GDPR, what is it? Should we be concerned?
– if you only run ads in the US then the answer is no. GDPR refers to international internet privacy regulations and the US does not adhere to them.
– if you have traffic overseas, then you should have a cookie policy on your site, and a privacy policy. That is mainly what this refers to.
– overseas, if you don’t have these listed on your website you can be subject to expensive fees if you are caught not complying with customer data policies.

3. I have competitors showing ads when people search for my business name, what is this called?
– this is called skimming and it is a practice where competition runs ads when people search your name. It is a common practice companies might see after they achieve some success in the online ad space.

4. Do you help with social media to grow a following?
– we assist with our social media consulting package. It consists of monthly scheduled posts where we work with you to craft content, optimize your social pages, and send out monthly content. We don’t recommend paying for likes and instead help our clients develop a social media strategy to deliver great content to your customers consistently.

5. Do you help with video content for social media pages and YouTube?
– yes, we offer video packages for our local clients to create engaging & fun commercials or creative pieces for use on social media and YouTube. We use royalty cleared music pieces, multiple cameras, drone video, creative scripting, and voice actors if you wish to create compelling video pieces for your business. Learn more on our video page.

6. We are moving our location, how do I change my address online and on Google ads so that everything switches to my new location?
– This is part of our listings package and we help businesses do this. We have dedicated listings reps to assist when you move your business so that everything is as smooth as possible online. This included updating info on your website, social media, Google, Bing, and 70+ websites across the web.
– It typically takes 30 days for all the sites to be updated with Google, Bing, and social being prioritized to be switched first. You will need to verify your new location through a pin code sent via the postal mail to your location by Google.
– Google Ads and other campaigns can be adjusted by us as well so that they better serve your new location if you are a local business.

Watch the SEO Video below For more detailed answers


There was a Huge Google Update Oct. 2nd. They just keep coming! https://www.seroundtable.com/google-search-ranking-algorithm-update-32185.html

Google is the no.1 search on Bing! https://www.seroundtable.com/google-search-on-bing-32182.html

Google drops support for IE11… Finally. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-search-drops-support-for-internet-explorer-11-32184.html


TechCrunch: Google ads to get more transparent by offering access to advertiser’s recent history.

Search Engine Journal: Google Working on Indexing Instagram & TikTok Videos.

TechCrunch: Google ads to get more transparent by offering access to advertisers’ recent history.

Search Engine Roundtable: Confirmed Google Ads Outage Causing Billing Confusion.


Get a free listings report to see if your address is updated across the web. Get your free report here.

This month’s charity is
Ohio Metro Parks

Ted visits the MetroParks in September to find the Ohio native fruit with Metro Guided Tour Group, the Pawpaw.

Ted visits the MetroParks in September to find the Ohio native fruit with Metro Guided Tour Group, the Pawpaw.

Each month we support a charity and donate to it. This month we encourage you to click here to donate to Ohio Metro Parks to help improve our beautiful parks in Columbus. DONATE HERE


This Month in Memes

Halloween is here for small businesses!

Businessman from the Office Dwight as pumpkinhead man

Werewolf office computer

Twitter Halloween Comic

Trex in Office

Netflix Halloween


6aaa9fe6 d5c2 417e 9b57 f999d5ef0a42 | Columbus SEO Company Image

Thermostat Podcast Featuring Jason Barger

Listen to inspiring leaders, Season 5 launches this month!
Click Here to listen

Don’t Forget About Our Ebook!
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Watch our Video Newsletter for even more detailed answers to the top client questions and check out our blog for even more! 🙂

Thanks everyone for reading and have a Happy Halloween!

Thanks for reading! Please comment below with any questions.

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