Sept 2022 Newsletter, Columbus The next Silicon Valley

September Newsletter – Columbus, The Next Silicon Valley

Columbus is poised to be the next Silicon Valley
From major investment in almost all major tech companies, Columbus will be a major tech hub in the next 5 years.

Columbus is poised to be a massive tech hub in the next 5-10 years. It looks like Columbus could be a major tech sector in the United States and possibly become the next Silicon Valley. With multi-billion dollar investments from Google, Amazon, and Meta, New Albany is looking to be the next tech hub in as soon as 5-10 years’ time. Not to mention the Intel investment thanks to the passing of the CHIPS act. President Biden will soon be making his way to Columbus to celebrate this achievement in September. By now Ohio knows how to make the right deals that these tech giants love gaining massive tax breaks while offering jobs that constituents love. Only time will tell but all the right parts are there now to make something great.

GA4 is Coming Hard Now
All hands on deck for GA4 Ads running July 2023, Google reps told us that in order for Google to stop calling and bothering you, GA4 must be done. So they have made it a top priority now to get people ready for the change and the calls came hard the last week from Google.

Google takes Youtube Shorts seriously
Youtube shorts is taking video shorts seriously and looking to compete with Tiktok. They don’t want to make the same Google+ mistake and are now prioritizing Youtube shorts in the algo to be seen more. So now is a good time to start testing Youtube shorts.

SEO still most popular lead gen source
SEO is still the most popular lead source amongst businesses for conversions. With all the talk of new platforms and video, Google SEO still sees the highest numbers as per B2B podcast reports. Of all the channels tested it was reported that SEO still accounts for the most leads but things are more diversified than they used to be. That being said, Google and SEO still have a strong lead amongst top-of-funnel conversions for businesses.

How to get Explosive Social Growth

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Explosive growth was reported from trying out videos for 1 month in our social campaigns. For the last month, we posted more videos on Instagram reels and Tiktok and saw explosive growth and engagement compared to past results. (See graphic). This means posting more videos drives more social activity and the algorithm prefers video posts now especially. We encourage all clients to have a video plan moving forward to drive explosive engagement and growth in their social channels.

New Google Core Update Hit – Named the Helpful Content Update
Google releases Helpful content update. This is a new core update from Google. So far, it is said the rollout has been slow. The update focuses on Ai-created content and is designed to better favor actual human-created content vs that of link building and Ai-created content on the web. We always use tried and true SEO white-hat techniques so after this update we actually saw our clients gain upwards of 7% in rankings.

If you or someone you knows has the marketing chops we are looking for then inquire on our website at

UpCity Announces local excellence award winners and Kow Abundant was selected as a winner!

Recently Named a Top Digital Marketing Company from

2022 Best SEO Agency Award
Columbus Ohio!

Top Rated Digital Marketing Agencies in Columbus

Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter Here for more details.

1. We have a bad review, how can we get it removed?
– Instead you want to flag the review and mark it as Spam or off-topic or abuse depending on what it follows. Better though you want to contact Kow Abundant and have us flag it as our accounts are in higher standing and can get things through. A warning, even so, it is really tough to remove Google reviews. Google basically keeps the good and the bad on there but it is always worth your best try to remove them if at all possible.

2. Do you do billboards? Some billboards are digital.
– At this time we do not do digital billboards.

3. How can we get more reviews?
– The best time to get reviews is at the end of just before the end of the customer journey. This means when you are finishing a project to ask or when a customer says “thank you!”. When a customer is happy and tells you is a great time to say, “hey, it would really help our business if you could leave us a review”. They are often more than willing to assist in your ask.
– Another key way is to ask your employees to ask your customers for reviews along the way and towards the end of the experience. I recently had a customer who wanted all reviews at any point because even a bad review, he said, could help their business to know who isn’t performing their best, or what their company experience is missing. This is perfect attitude toward reviews!
– Finally, printing reminders like business cards that your employees can give your customers is another great reminder. Emails also work very well and I find that reviews actually come when they come from a genuine email to the customer and not so much a canned response.

4. I didn’t know you did social media, what is your social media service?
– Yes, we offer a social media marketing plan where we create a social media plan, analyze your current posts, find what is working, and then work with clients to create an entire social media calendar with posts on various platforms.
– You approve the content before anything is published and you can edit the posts using a Google sheet we share. Any images or graphics you can also review.
– We are able to analyze your likes, followers, growth over time, and see what channels are performing the best as well as the best posts that work for your sales funnel.
– Note: This does not substitute businesses posting their own content as we already recommend businesses post their own stuff as well. This instead acts as a way for content to always be active on your platforms which greatly impacts your overall brand awareness, performance, and reach organically.
– This service is $399 per month, no contract, cancel anytime.

5. Is there a conversion delay in Google Ads? How long is it?
– Yes, the real answer is, it depends. There can be conversion data delays of 24 hours. On top of that the conversion window matters too and can take up to 90 days to place a conversion. Google Ads has even said that it can longer than that.
– It can take up to 24 hours for conversion data to start appearing in Google Ads. If after 24 hours conversions still aren’t showing up, it’s possible that no customers have converted yet.
– Conversions imported from Google Analytics
Goals and transactions imported from Google Analytics into Google Ads are typically reflected in your Google Ads conversion statistics within 12 hours when attributed using the “Last click” attribution model, and within 24 hours when using other models. For comparison, Google Ads conversion tracking data is typically reflected within 3 hours for conversions attributed using the “Last click” model, and within 15 hours when using other models.
– Once you’ve set up conversion tracking, it’s important to understand how long it takes customers who see and click your ad to complete the conversion, and how that impacts the data you see in your account. Sometimes the conversion happens rapidly, within a day of the click, but conversions can be reported up to 90 days after the click, depending on the conversion window you’ve chosen.

The time between impression and conversion affects which values you see in your account. Here are some examples where this conversion delay might affect what you see:

Comparing performance: If you compare recent performance with past performance, your recent performance might not look as strong, because some of the people who clicked your ad haven’t converted yet. Since you’re missing these conversions that will come later on but your spend is fully reported, it may appear that you have fewer conversions, a higher cost per conversion, etc.
Missing bid simulator estimates: If your customers take a long time to convert, you might not be able to see conversion estimates in the bid simulator. Learn more about the bid simulator.
If you have any questions or would like this kind of help please contact us at

An insane story about Columbus Google data center, snake oil, cows, and an Indian burial mound.

For more on the Spooky story and on Columbus as the next Silicon Valley, check out the expanded podcast we made on this. Columbus Tech Podcast

Meta invests in New Albany data center.

AWS Amazon web services invests in 3rd data center in Hilliard Ohio.

“Additionally, Google Cloud’s investment in Columbus positions central Ohio as a true technology hub”
Google announces new Cloud region in Columbus Ohio.

Search Engine Roundtable: Google: Clicking On Your Site In Google Search Won’t Hurt Or Help Your Rankings.

The Verge: Apple is allegedly threatening to fire an employee over a viral TikTok video.

The importance of business intelligence, competitive analysis, and SEO

Drive massive growth and reach on Instagram with reels and video. Start doing more videos and watch your insights grow exponentially. Being consistent is key. (See pic insights)

DOJ to file Google Ads antitrust suit this month.

Iphone and Apple adding tons more ads in future to all apps, maps, podcasts, and apps.

This month’s charity to support is
LSS Faith Mission

Each month we support a charity and donate to it. This month we encourage you to join us in providing meals this Thanksgiving (yes it is already coming) to Faith Mission in Columbus Ohio.

Click the link to donate with us!

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This Month In Memes

I didn’t know you did social media

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Being Cool isn’t cool

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They really want to be my friend.

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Number 1 in no time they all think

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