Google changes to come in 2023. Shows a cow with fireworks behind it welcoming the new year 2023. Happy Moo Year!

Happy Moo Year! – Google Changes to come in 2023

2023 will bring changes to Google, including a massive shift in analytics tracking of websites. Happy Moo Year! It’s 2023 and for small businesses, a new year is a time to look ahead, set budgets, and in the case of SEO, be prepared for what’s coming. Google will be going through a lot of changes […]

November Newsletter - Will Google Ads Decline?

November Newsletter – Will Google Ads Decline?

This month, Google makes ads more prominent but many say it is not enough. Greg Finn says that Google Ads will decline as they are relying too much and too soon on Ai and forcing clients to use their auto-campaigns such as Performance Max or Ai recommendations. Only time will tell but we think that Google is […]

October Halloween SEO newsletter

Google Core Updates – Spooks SEO Pros

Google Core Updates – Spooks SEO Pros Halloween is coming soon and Google released 3 major updates in September that had many SEO pros spooked. Finally, Google uses its powerful local search in more exciting ways to help local businesses. Google rolled out 3 major core updates in September, the Google core update, the Helpful content update […]