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Google Core Updates – Spooks SEO Pros

Google Core Updates – Spooks SEO Pros
Halloween is coming soon and Google released 3 major updates in September that had many SEO pros spooked. Finally, Google uses its powerful local search in more exciting ways to help local businesses.

Google rolled out 3 major core updates in September, the Google core update, the Helpful content update which finished in early September, and the product reviews update. All had a significant impact on search and rankings for many people and will be noticed in your SEO reports if you are a client of Kow Abundant and by many others. Most clients noted positive ranking changes after the core update.

Search on 22 Google Event
Google had a new search event where it toted tons of new UI experiences for searchers moving forward. These advancements finally focused on local search which is Google’s secret sauce and we are very happy to see Google taking advantage of this now. New features included enhancements to Google shopping, AR features that interact with your camera and the environment to show what shopping is around you, and live translation tools on the video you shoot on your phone.
Google will be rolling out many more AR-based and live camera augmented reality features that incorporate local search elements to help local businesses. Enhancing customer experiences in your local area is fantastic and Google has a competitive advantage so we are happy to see this finally take shape. Watch the full event here

Changes for Small Business
One thing is for sure, if you want to be successful, you need the best website possible and you need great content to back it up. Keep putting out great content so that your audience can learn more about your company.

If you or someone you knows has the marketing chops we are looking for then inquire on our website at kowabundant.com/hiring

UpCity Announces local excellence award winners and Kow Abundant was selected as a winner!

Recently Named a Top Digital Marketing Company from Goodfirms.co

2022 Best SEO Agency Award
Columbus Ohio!

Top Rated Digital Marketing Agencies in Columbus

Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter Here for more details.


1. Should we be concerned with traffic showing from foreign countries?
– Generally no, this will occur when you have good SEO as you will have people all over the world seeing your website looking for topics that you can rank for. This can be people all over the globe that see your website.
– Usually, the traffic is much smaller than your overall numbers from your native country. This would not be Google Ads if you are running such campaigns. If there is any concern you can send the screenshot to your marketing rep and they can review it. We have never seen traffic from foreign countries that was enough to be a concern.

2. Google Ads now makes me use multi-factor, if I do that will it mess up your logins or other users?
– No, Google Ads now is requiring people to use 2-factor authentication. This means when you login you will also have to use a phone or email to verify it is you. This is for security and as annoying as it is really everyone should do it.
– This is user-dependant so it will not mess with other users as each has its own multi-factor authentication and yours is independent of that. So log in and no worries there.

3. Where should a Youtube video ad landing page website be?
– You want to pick a website that matches your video that you advertise on Youtube. You also want to embed the same video on that website landing page if possible. It should make sense when someone clicks it that they learn more about what they just watched. A contact page is okay but often too simple. A custom landing page would be the best option that relates more to the content and provides the user with more value.

4. Can anyone just buy a drone and fly it?
– We are commercially FAA drone UAS licensed operators in Columbus Ohio. This means that we follow all guidelines and safety procedures set by the FAA whenever we fly. Commercial is different than recreational. As of now, anyone can technically buy a drone at the store and fly with some exceptions:

1. You will need to register your drone with the FAA.
2. You should take and pass a simple drone test (very easy)
3. You should download B4UFLY application on your phone
4. Check areas you will fly to make sure they are not prohibited areas
5. Fly under 400 ft altitude in all areas.

As long as you follow those guidelines you can fly recreationally safely. Another important item is that certain restricted airspace is not allowed to fly in and today’s drones will not even let you fly without clearance in such areas. The drone just wont work. So it isn’t quite as easy as some might think. Plus the cost of decent drones is no less than $379 Dji Mini 2 for example. Anything less and you are asking for trouble. I’ve tried those $100 drones and almost immediately an upwind current took the lightweight drone away from me and it was lost forever. More expensive drones have ways of avoiding that and flying safer.
What happens if you fly a drone and done follow these rules? If there is any kind of accident or human harm you will be in big trouble. If you just fly and nothing happens you might be okay. It might also be that you get reported or technically the FAA could take away your drone or fine you.

5. I get emails and calls asking to verify, do I need to do this?
– No, they are usually scams. With our listing service, you will not need to verify anything as we cover all that for you. You will often get emails or calls about verifying and these are most always scams. We will let you know if we need to verify anything but generally do not need to nor need your help with this.

If you have any questions or would like this kind of help please contact us at Kowabundant.com/contact

Google announces broad core update rolled out mid September. On heels of helpful content update.


Google’s official statement on broad core update.

Google Search on 22 Event
New Google features including shop, new Ai, and AR local search features coming too for immersive search. New camera search and translation feature too.

Google announces new features coming to search

Don’t fall for spam attempts to verify your business. Spammers will call, text, or email you saying you need to verify your business on Google but these are fake and should be ignored.

This month’s charity to support is
LSS Faith Mission

Each month we support a charity and donate to it. This month we encourage you to join us in providing meals this Thanksgiving (yes it is already coming) to Faith Mission & to Mid-Ohio Food Collective Food Pantries in Columbus Ohio.

Click the link to donate with us!

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Thermostat Cultures Live ’22
Nov. 4th, 2022 A Powerful and Interactive hybrid event This Year! Click Here


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This Month In Memes

This local business had a tshi Chi name.

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The SEO King
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Google has a favorite.

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Don’t forget to SEO your articles Joey.

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Thanks for reading! Please comment below with any questions.

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