How to be mindful at work

Top 5 ways how to be mindful at work

Top 5 ways how to be mindful at work

is very possible and this article will give you some tips on how to do so. It is called practice because it takes time and practice to master it.

  1. Be Present –

    Doodling or playing on your phone during a meeting is like being in grade school again, rise above it. Be present, in the moment and actively participate in whatever you are. If you truly find yourself not getting any value and need to walk around then go to the bathroom and stretch out. The presenter knows when people aren’t paying attention and if they do not then this is a valuable learning experience for them. How can you be mindful at work? Be present.

  2.  Take Moments For Yourself –

    One of the recommendations in the free ebook, Manifesting The Power Of Business is to set a timer for 90 minutes and work no more than that. Taking breaks helps to maintain mental clarity. It is said that 90 minutes is the maximum that people can work on focused tasks before cognition decreases. When the timer goes off, get up and walk around, get a drink, or go outside for 5 to 10 minutes. Consider this a modern day “smoking break” without the smoke. Use it to clear the air of your mind then get back to it after 5 to 10.

  3. Have a solid routine before heading to the office –

    Work does not being when you get to the office. Work begins before you go to bed the night before and when you wake up the next day. It is about being present. In the book Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyöm Trungpa he describes the concept of Windhorse which represents all good things. This requires thought, care, and love of the present to respect it and the future. His example was that you should not leave your clothes on the floor because that means later you have to clean them up and you are not being fair to your future self. Keeping things clean and orderly is a basic start of mindfulness and one I constantly work on. How to be mindful at work helps to create a routine such as meditating first thing, working out, preparing your clothes, taking a shower and getting coffee.

  4.  Ask Questions –

    Asking questions puts you in the present, makes you interested in your subject, and shows to others that you care. By asking questions you create a positive feedback loop that further encourages being in the present moment and actively engages the mind. Asking your boss or colleagues questions helps build rapport too. Try to ask questions that relate to their lives, how is your wife or kids or mother or if they got to enjoy the nice weather. Asking questions that forces the other person to be mindful in their lives helps people appreciate what they have too.

  5.  Practice Gratefulness –

    Also mentioned the the free ebook, Manifesting The Power Of Business is a lesson on being grateful and its practice. One such lesson is to write down three things you were grateful for that day and three things you will be grateful for tomorrow. Over time, this really does make you a happier more mindful person. In the book, the Secret, it is said that a positive thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative one. We all have negative thoughts in our heads but a few positive thoughts can overpower the negative and create a happier more fulfilling life for you! Start small, just three things per day. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins says to think of real examples of why the three things you listed make you grateful.


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