November 2020 Small Business SEO newsletter for Columbus Ohio

November 2020 Small Business SEO Update

November Small Business Update

Kow Abundant wins top honors, winner of 2 major SEO awards for 2020 from named a top SEO agency in Columbus. Also, winner of top SEO agency.

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Top Client Questions Of The Month:

“I don’t know what’s going to happen this month” – Roger

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter above for more detailed answers. Here they are.

1. I was told recently that you need to spend at least $1000 as a dentist or small business for Google Ads to do anything, is that true? – Sahar
– No, I work with businesses and have always been very sensitive to budgets and especially now. It is a myth that you must spend thousands to see results, I know, I work with businesses that spend realistically $500-$600 per month if you are a dentist for example in a local area to drive some results. It depends how competitive your industry is but you do NOT need to spend thousands by any means on this to drive actions.

2. Should I use the full blog post in Google my business like I do when I post to linkedin or should it be more like a smaller twitter post with a link? – Steve
– Ideal length for any given post falls between 150-300 characters. Most of the posts that people see are that short so keep your post short and to the point. This also translates well if you want to share this post on other social media. Be sure to use great images and good links as well. Short and sweet and keep it professional. Also, choose the correct post type such as event, product, offer, or regular post. Covid posts standout and Google shows them in front but they should not be used for posts unrelated to Covid

3. Is it more important to have a business plan or to just go and start a business? – Lena
– It is most important, no matter what you do to have passion. Passion for what you do and what drives you. From there the rest is just semantics on how you get to where you want to go. I talk to business owners everyday that just get going and don’t have a business plan and they have multiple locations and are successful. Passion is the best driver of success.

4. How long does it take before Google Ads begin working? – Sierra
– The first month is information gathering phase. The second month is about tweaking and seeing what works, and by the 3rd month you should have a solid understanding of what is performing well and repeat or tweak that success. Depending on your budget and ads, you should see traffic in the first month and after the ads are approved it really depends on how aggressive you are with the budget to get traffic. The best results come in the second to third month when you have conversion data and Google knows what to bid for.

5. Should we lower the campaigns for Black Friday/Cyber Monday? – Zach
– I actually encourage my clients to be in the mix for those times and to consider adding budget. More people are online at these times with the intent to buy and purchase so it is a good time to be competitive.

6. How do we lower bounce rate on Facebook content or blog? – Shelly
– This refers to clicks that come from Facebook page link referrals from content that you have on Facebook or social and Google Analytics shows you that the bounce rate (or people that view the page then leave, exit) is high. If all your posts link to blog posts, for the most part that is okay. Two things, 1. If worried though, I would look at your pages to make sure you have internal links to other places on your site in your blog posts (sticky factor). 2. Then I would look at your posts and make sure the content exactly matches the customer expectation to where they are going.

7. How do we make Content search friendly? – Scott
– For blog articles I recommend using plugins like Yoast and SEMrush (requires paid account). These tools help you see how well your content is written and if it is the right length and form. For keywords, I recommend using a free tool like UberSuggest to get started. Find keywords that might fit your business and sort by high CPC and use those keywords in your articles.

8. Is there a manual way around these data aggregation services? Seems roadblocks exist everywhere to getting data into tertiary platforms.
– Data aggregators video
No, the main DA’s require you to use a third-party service to add your listing to them, unfortunately.  

9. We are a medical practice, we want to hold on advertising until January, do you think that is a good idea? – Emily
– Yes, overall waiting and avoiding all the noise coming in November and December is a good idea if you are not in retail sectors. The competition will be very high this holiday season as well as with the election going on so waiting is a safe bet to go for lower CPC.

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SEOs brace for next Google search update

Google Ads Housing, Employment, Credit Sectors shift

Housing Industry, Employment, & Credit-lending sectors hit hard by Google Ads shift
Read our full article on this major change affect many small business owners in big sectors of the economy. After a major lawsuit by the NFHA with Facebook showing discriminator practices, Google has made major changes to advertising in key business sectors. No longer are businesses in housing, employment, and credit lending allowed to target based on zip code and age. A major hit to senior communities and HOPA compliant businesses in advertising.


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This month’s charity to support is
New Directions Career Center

Donate to New Directions Now

Each month we support a charity and donate to it. Special thanks to for recommending this month’s charity. They help provide job assistance to low-income families including career counseling.

This Month In Memes

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Has anyone seen the new Google icons?  – Yikes 😛
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