September Small Business SEO Update

September Small Business Marketing Update

Kow Abundant wins top honors, winner of 2 major SEO awards for 2020 from named a top SEO agency in Columbus. Also, winner of top SEO agency.

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Top Client Questions Of The Month:

Thanks to all the clients and newcomers for these great questions. Watch the Video Newsletter above for more detailed answers. Here they are.

1. What is the voice package for search you offer and how can I get my business on Google voice searches and alexa, siri voice searches?
– You can view the voice package here along with a sample PDF of a listing and even get a free listing check yourself! This listing option allows you to create custom answers to small business questions for voice searches using Google and Alexa

2. Your video looks great what equipment do you use? – Abram
– I use the Canon 90D and the Camlink 4K for video. To record, I use OBS studio which is free and a Blue Snowball Ice Mic as well as streamdeck mobile for android.

3. Are we able to turn our google reviews back off again?
– Unfortunately, no, this was a one-time thing made by Google during the global health event. You can get false reviews removed. We have had success with clients doing this in the past. If the review is false, a customer makes a false claim, or was never a customer you can get it removed barring a review from Google.

4. How do we add videos to youtube? How do we build up our library? 
– Watch the video segment to see details on how to add a video to youtube and how to set up the channel.

5. What is the advantage to put in more than 1 picture in a post? 
– If it tells your story then go for it! Compare metrics and see if it is better but a great picture is better than a bunch of bad pictures.

6. What is bounce rate and why is it so high?
– Bounce rate or exit rate is when people go to your website and then leave. You want to have a low bounce rate but sometimes it will be high and that can be okay in some places. For organic it should be 60% or less. For Display ads, it can be 60% to 90% sometimes more. It depends on the traffic. See more in the video.

Watch the SEO Video Above For more detailed answers

Video Link – Click to play the September Video SEO Newsletter.


There will be a big Google Core Update coming very soon in September, this will affect your rankings so be prepared!

Google’s John Mu says guest blogging links have zero value

Google Search Mobile Market Share Likely to Drop Around 20% through Search Preference Menus

Search Engine Journal: Google: Heading Tags are a Strong Signal.

Search Engine Journal: Google Suffers Massive Glitch.

Search Engine Land: Google now enables GMB profile edits from Search and Maps [updated].

Google Is Going to Block Housing Discrimination starting Oct. 19
Google responded, “This policy change means that if you are tracking the data of users contact email, phone number, their preference and choices etc this is called personalized advertising, when you track the personal data of the users in a way that you can modify ads depending on the users, this is basically done when you ask the user come to any page of your website and ask to enter their information which in urn gets tracked.” There are some third party tools that do this type of tracking like Hubspot, Google will not allow this type of tracking starting Oct. 19th.


Guide: How to structure a local SEO strategy for your business.


Search Engine Journal: The Most Common Way PPC Ad Budget Is Wasted.

This month’s charity to support is Gifts of Kindness in Columbus Ohio

Donate & Learn More Here About Gifts of Kindness

This Month In Memes

This month we celebrate small businesses in Columbus
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Owning a small business
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Wow! That sure helps to spend locally for the economy!
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10 Ways to Support small businesses
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SMB’s Do what it takes!
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The Thermostat With Jason Barger Podcast
Listen to the podcast that I audio engineer with Jason each Tuesday at 7am and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Don’t Forget About Our Ebook!

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Watch our Video Newsletter for even more detailed answers to the top client questions and check out our blog for even more! 🙂

Thanks everyone for reading, stay healthy and stay safe!

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